Monday, August 2, 2010

Misty! You Win!

Guess who was #11?

Misty of Rainy Day In May is the winner of my 400th celebration giveaway! Hooray for Misty!

Hey girlly email me your address - & I'll get this little bag of goodies out to you lickity-split!!

Thanks all who participated in my celebration and did that little dance for me to celebrate my 400th post.

I'll be having more giveaways because it was SO MUCH FUN!
So stay tuned!!!

Happy Week All!


Misty said...

you are so silly! I logged on to my gmail and the reader, to my right, says my name and "you won". I was so confused. :) too much sunshine today

Annikke said...

Way to go Misty!


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