Tuesday, September 28, 2010

anniversary brunch, Football! & Sadie♥

we had a pretty great weekend.
Saturday was our anniversary.

we got SUPER spoiled with lots of beautiful cards tucked with a little dinner money from Grandmas and Mimi's.
Granny watched both boys Saturday afternoon and then also took Pauly all weekend which was a lovely gift for us to celebrate our 6 years of wedded bliss.

we kicked off our "date" by going downtown and walking through the Farmer's Market & then I saw this...

growing up, us girls, had a little hatch-back Ford Escort - his name was "Buck Snort" and
if I didn't see a sign that said Buck Snort Rootbeer.After we got our fix of organic jams, handmade aprons and garden-fresh turnips - we made our way to a little bistro called the Red Feather Lounge.
I had only been there one time before - far before I was a mother - it was in late hours of the night and we were just stopping in for a drink.
I didn't know they had an upstairs so when the hostess started heading up a flight of stairs I was excited to see where she was taking us.
There was only one other group up there and they soon left which left the whole top floor
& Moi ♥ we loved the glasses.
they were made out of used wine bottles.
got us thinking about reusing, recycling and so on. we also loved their wine cellar.
very cool.
we had mimosa (cocktail with champagne or white wine and oj) &
we decided to split our meals -
so i ordered a delicious apple pecan salad
Ben ordered ham and eggs benedict.
mine was divine
i kinda regretted doing the "split" part of the deal
so did Ben.
next time, no splitting :)
(sorry, no pics of the food - i was too busy devouring it) but none of it was near as cool as paying for your anniversary brunch with this.
just the two of us. then we went home to watch football,
cheat on my diet with some subpar chinese food
and rescue this little darling.
this beautiful female golden retriever was walking up and down the road
near our home.
i had seen her when i was in my kitchen and she was walking along with a family and i thought, why is that family taking their dog to the football game? weird.
sure enough about 5 minutes later a gal knocked on our door asking us if she was ours.
the gal tried to get humane society on her cell, but it was Saturday afternoon -
so there was no answer.
long story short - i told the lady that i would take care of her
and after the game my hub went around to the neighbors
and thank God we found her daddy.
it was precious when he came to get her from our backyard - with Ben leading the way, i saw the man behind him and then i heard him call her name... Sadie!
i could see her eyes lighting up,
she loved him and he loved her.
i couldn't believe her name was Sadie.
Sadie, was the name of my sister and brother-in-law's golden that passed away last year.
in my heart of hearts,
i totally believe that little Sadie,
in her own little sweet way,
came by to say hello to us on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Rest in Peace, Sadie Brown


Jane said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I totally want the water bottle that your champagne drink came in!

Chrysanthemama said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your pictures and I have to agree about the sharing thing, especially when eating a yummy meal. :)
Did you try the Buck Snort? We grabbed three glasses and sat on the capitol lawn. What a fun weekend. It is our last week living here. We'll definitely miss it.

Mrs. B said...

What a lovely way to get away for your anniversary. Getting away from the kids to be together alone is so important to a marriage - and therefore a family. Many blessings on your marriage and family!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Thank you for helping us remember Sadie-dooo. We sure miss her. She is remembered in out home as that "fetching dog".
Happy Anniversary to you both. We love you.

Misty said...

LOVE this! What a glorious day! :) You two deserve it and so much more!


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