Friday, September 24, 2010

out one day.

here we are, my love - 6 years later.
can you believe it - it feels like it went by so fast, doesn't it.
wait, don't answer that.
out one day with girlfriends and you're stealing
chicken strips & carrot and celery sticks off my plate...
then the next moment we are bringing our second sweet baby home.
i remember our wedding day as one of the
most exciting days of my life.
all our family,
delicious food
and dancing,
lots & lots of dancing.

twinkle lights galore.
glimmering candles.
and crisp cool september breezes.
your eyes, your smile and your broad strong shoulders
in that classy suit you wore.
sends {goosebumps} up my back.
thank you for standing beside me through these past years of happiness, beginnings and ends.
here is to our lifetime together.
lots more dreaming, laughing...
and babies *wink wink*
tonight, maybe we can watch something we both will like *wink
you're mine.

for always always.


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