Monday, September 27, 2010


My mama turns 50 today.

I didn't send her a card...
... yet. :)

I can't really send her flowers - she lives on in the middle of NO WHERE and works out in the middle of NO WHERE so that
equals no flower deliveries...

I wanted to do something that she would remember...

so here we go...

I want to tell you mama how proud I am of YOU!

I am SO proud of you.

You dedicated this whole year to becoming healthier.

You started off by buying an elliptical... which, let me be honest with you -

but you get on that darn thing in the morning before you have a 10 hour work day

and that's awesome!!!

I don't think I'll share your nickname with everyone that you have for it... since it's so..

that's the word - your name for your elliptical is colorful!

You've made leaps and bounds this year on your "leading a healthier life" trail - and YOU are the reason I decided to work
on my weight and get on my road to being healthier...
this is one of the many things that you
have taught me over the years - so I wanted to THANK YOU
for all of the many things that
us, girls -
have learned from you through these past years...
We've learned these precious qualities
we are striving to pass them onto our own babes.

As wee babes you've taught us to sing...
and sing LOUD!
Doesn't matter if you can't "carry a tune"
... EHEM!
Just as long as you get that hair-brush
or that spatula and
sing it like ya mean it!and dance.
We definitely learned to dance...
and we have the home-videos to prove it, don't we?
I remember that talent show that Ken Torrey hosted
and we practiced and practiced in Grandma's living room.
and the splits in the end -
I was SOOO nervous about doing the
splits at the end.
because you helped me till I got it right.
I was so proud of myself... even though I didn't win.
You always told us to be a kind...
even if we didn't.
You taught us how important prayer was from
I will never forget that picture of all of us praying
around our small kids' table.
We had our little picnic set out and you had set us up with
water in our cups and and
buttered bread folded in half on our little saucers.
Our hair was in braids and we were praying.
You and dad took those crucial moments
to make sure we knew how precious
praying really is
how important it is
to keep working at our relationship
with our Savior.
you've taught us how to love.
whether it's kittens or horses,
our favorite Mrs. Norris teachers,
or Grandmas & Grandpas,
or the librarian that we call
or kids at school that make fun of us.
Love them.
Love each other.
You taught us to love our husbands.
Even when they've tracked in mud through the entire house, (Daddy)
haven't showered for days and days? (Bub)
or drive us nuts learning new songs on their ukulele. (Ben) You taught us to believe in another day.
When we are down and out and don't think there is an ounce
of keep-going in us.
We will continue to believe that God has a plan for us and we have to keep going.
Press on, right?
Now, this is something recent...
This last Christmas - I watched as my mama - yes that's YOU -
you RAN down the lane chasing the kids as they
rode on the sled being pulled behind
daddy on the horse.
You ran
and ran
and ran.
I think you even biffed it once!
and I think I even have it on camera!
You are living.
I think this is the first time in a LONG time
that I've seen you
really Live!
You are enjoying every ounce of your day
that you are blessed with.
& I was jealous...
so I decided to stop being jipped out of my days
& start living too!
Thank you so much for that mama.
So along with giving our husbands unconditional love, loving each other, always believing and keeping our faith, living, praying, being a friend, singing & dancing and many more -
you've taught us to keep learning.
Treasure every day, every person, every opportunity to squeeze out any ounce
of wisdom that we can - you never know what you might learn,
if you just take a second to read... or watch...
or simply listen.
Quick to listen... slow to speak.So there you have it my dear,
many things listed here
and so very
many more.
Reasons of why I'm so thankful you're my mama and why I'm (WE!) are so proud of you.
Happy Birthday My half-a-century year old mama.
I love you to the moon and back.
always always, your oldest.


redeemed diva said...

what a lovely tribute

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

every word very true,
love you mother dear


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