Thursday, September 23, 2010

from drab to fab in under $10 under 1 hour!

These little tin coffee cup thinga-majigor-holders came from my sissy who got them from a good friend of hers who was cleaning house. My sis offered them to me and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them. I've been so loving aqua lately and I knew I wanted to use that color on them. Add in some sweet little pillar candles.. and ta-da! Aren't they dreamy? I made these little candle holders just by buying some spray paint ($2) and I was thinking of hanging some sweet little pencil star fish from the hooks when they arrive (I ordered them from ebay yesterday for $11 for 5 of them)(this pic is terribly fuzzy and the candles are a little off center - guess that's what happens when you are trying to take a nice pic and holding a 10 mo old :)

So that gets us up to about $3.00 or less each? oh yeah! I rock!

~ ~ ~

This "vintage" magazine rack came from my mother's basement so it was FREE.

Do we love the word FREE all?

I think we do!

So I had to wipe off the years of dust and ickiness..

then all I did was spray-painted it my favorite color! WHITE! which, I already had on-hand.

So this was completely FREE!


It's amazing how the smell stench of spray-paint can very simply

make my day.

Speaking of? Do you think I should paint that lamp? It's annoying the heck out of me. HELP!

What color do you think? I was thinking spray painting it WHITE :) and then painting some white stripes on the lamp shade... you let me know what you think.

So this was all under $10 under 1 hour & that's where my friend Melissa comes in over at 320 Sycamore. Melissa is a genius woman. She has a handful of chillens and keeps her house running like a well-oiled machine not to mention looking amazing all the while!

She is having a fun get-together link-up party for all you gals that love doing a little thrifting and redoing to make things shine and reflect your inner design creativity.
So go read all about her and her sweet family and link-up to show off YOUR fabuloussness!
and don't forget Grey's tonight!!! *tee hee*


Misty said...

you should totally fabric color the shade... i have a lamp i am dying to remake!

LOVE the magazing rack! love it... i need to go thrifting this weekend!

Taylor said...

Love the magazine rack!!! Nice work! :)

Mrs. B said...

I love the sconces and magazine rack - so simple and nifty! :) I recently saw a project on a HGTV show where they took grosgrain ribbon and wrapped it around (vertically with the edges somewhat overlapping) on a lamp shade to give it extra oomph. That might be an easy update. With spray paint and a well stocked craft bin (and you seem like a gal who would have one!) you might have another free project on your hands. Whatever you decide please post it later!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Well, hello Miss Lady :) I am so glad you think my house runs like a well-oiled machine and that I look amazing, but you should just drop by one morning around see just how well-oiled me or my house is, lol! I think starfish would be perfect with your candles, and can I tell you how much I love the shape of that magazine rack? For the lamp, I think white would be lovely and then maybe add some jute trim like Layla did?
Thanks so much for joining the fun with us~have a restful weekend.

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


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