Friday, September 17, 2010

romantic caterpillars.

to me these little guys look like they are covered from head to...
well, would it be tail? ...
in tulle.
I adore tulle.
& so i am loving these fuzzy caterpillars.
isn't it odd that these two reminds me of each other when really tulle comes from... well - i won't be sharing with you the process of how they make tulle...
tee hee
there are moments when i wish i could skip around in a beautiful long tulle skirt...
and these guys get to wear tulle
so jealous.
I think this white fuzzy one is my favorite. And this little guy... who could resist him? maybe i should put a tulle skirt on my Christmas List... yes, an aqua blue and green tulle skirt. see... SJP knows what I'm talkin' about... if only had a tulle skirt, then my hubster and i would go do something faintly romantic... i wonder if most caterpillars lead a romantic life? wearing those head to... (ehem) tail -
tulle dresses all day long..{♥}


Annikke said...

That's awesome! Loved all the pictures! They do look like they are covered in tulle!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Dreamy sis!

Krista said...

Seeing those pictures makes me wish I had a figure to wear such pretty things. Saddly, even when my weight was down anything puffy make me loke more round then elegent. Even my wedding dress. Sigh. Those were some dreaming pictures

blondiensc said...

Ha I never thought about it that way, but I think you are on to something. I have always thought caterpillars are darling and well I love what they turn into, but now they are even cuter in their tulle getups! Happy Monday!

lyssa said...

Maybe you were a ballerina in a former life?

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