Thursday, September 30, 2010

wreath bunting.

About two weeks ago I put up my fall wreath.
This is a sweet little wreath I got from my Grandma and Mom.
They brought it to me when I had Pauly.
I love putting it up - it reminds me of that sweet weekend when they came to visit -
Grandma Pattie took one peek at Pauly and tears ran down her cheeks.
"Oh, Sam!", she said.
I'll never forget it... she made me feel like I was presenting her with
a precious little contribution to
her legacy... and she was thankful.

I figured this year I would do something little different,
and add some "bunting".
I say "bunting" because I actually used to call these little flags
- pennant garland -
but how boring is that?
compared to "bunting" which I learned from this gal
and I totally told her I was going to steal it
this new term so
it all started with a bow.
I had some crappy plasticy paper ribbon that was from
my wedding actually -
I made a bow out of it by just using some florist wire weaving loops back and forth.
(look it's actually uneven and I noticed this when I was all ready finished with it
but I don't think Martha Stewy will be by to visit any time soon.... ffhew!)
Now, where was I.... oh - yes.
I made the bow, put it on the wreath and thought...
Needs something

so off I went to find some crafty paper and I pulled out colors that
would coordinate with fall my wreath, and the door.
(Yes! I still haven't painted that hideous front door. Boooo! It's Halloween worthy, I figure.)

Anyhow, I cut little diamonds out of the paper
and then
I had to find some type of ribbon or string to make the "bunting"
and attach the diamonds to.

This ribbon was obviously NOT going to work.

and I have done ran out of jute string,
as my husband used it in his garden.

Thank you, husband.

So. I stole kite string from my boys' kite!

I took the string folded the diamonds in half around the string and glued it up
with craft glue.

I'm a HUGE fan of "bunting" - I might even go as far as to say addicted!
I used it in my boys' room here.
It was not the best sew job ever but hey! I'm learnin'.

I took the bunting and looped it from each side of my wreath
Ta - DAR!!!!!

I LOVE it.
Hope you do too.
Happy Fall decorating! & don't forget the bunting!!
Happy Day.

1 comment:

Leanne said...

It looks so cute on the wreath and thanks for mentioning my blog. You're so sweet. BTW the bunting in your boys room is adorable. Have a great weekend.


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