Friday, October 1, 2010

Jetty Rae.

Do you know Her?
Whose sound that streams from her heart - so fair and good. You'll swear it's just beggin' you to stay out all night long dancing with the one you love - just swaying back and forth in each other's arms. Her.
Whose talent will ache you to wrap up your babies and your love in that Granny quilt, drag them out to the middle of your backyard and stay there all night long just watching the night sky and snuggling to her soulful sound. Her.
The honest kind-hearted gal from North Michigan
named after her Grandma -
that with just one glance you'll
wish upon a star
that you could wake up in the morning looking
just a third as beautiful
as she.
Good Luck- I've tried it!
I first was introduced to Jetty Rae's music through a very reputable music source (friend) on Facebook. Jetty is a sing/song writer originally from North Michigan but now residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been singing, touring and recording for the past five years.

Over the past five years she has been developing her craft as she says she
"wasn't naturally talented with".
My opinion,
she's been blessed with
an incredible gift to
sing and write
melding it all together in
her own beautiful way.

This one is my favorite... so far.


I wait at the bus stop with my salty pout
I stand in this long line, no one will help me out
I'm standing alone again
I'm the last one picked
This bench is so warm here
I've been here quite awhile
I'm crying alone now
Say goodbye to my old smile

Help me Jesus
Help me 'cause I can't help myself
Love me, Jesus
Love me 'cause I can't love myself

They point their fingers all the time
Laugh loud when I sing a silly rhyme
Must I always be run, run, running
Never knowing when the rain is coming
The mud has splashed all over my new shoes
Yes I'm singing while I'm crying

I've got the blues

Help me Jesus
Help me 'cause I can't help myself
Love me, Jesus
Love me 'cause I can't love myself

I sit with a stranger en route to forty-nine
I would talk but I don't want to waste his time
I've had enough strangers come and go
And it all starts with hello
That's why I just say no

Help me Jesus
Help me 'cause I can't help myself
Love me, Jesus
Love me 'cause I can't love myself

Her first album, Blackberries, recorded in 2007. In November 2009 she released Nobody EP. Jetty is hoping to record her second LP in her home studio and hopes to release that in late 2010. This record will be entirely produced and recorded exclusively by Jetty.

She's a do-it-yourself kind of gal.
She's pleased as punch to perform for one vs. hundreds
if it means they will find joy in her music.
Singing at open mic's, coffee shops or state fairs is where you might find her.
Being a millionaire is not in her "Top 10" goals of her lifetime. She wants to make a difference for other independent artist like herself. She wants to start an independent label to give them tools, studio time and experience -
resources that will encourage them to pursue their dreams and make great art.
This, to me, is VERY admirable.
Geeez! She's beautiful and humble.
I am not a concert kind of gal
if she comes
to my town
My hubster better

I wanted to leave you with her Facebook link and I found that I could listen to her music right on her Facebook page. (and now so can you!)

I listen to Jetty, mostly in the afternoons, when my boys are playing and the tv is off, and I'm putttin' (putttin' DOES have 3 t's if you're wonderin') around cleaning and cooking up dinner in the kitchen. Her music just feels... "homey" to me. I love the combo sound she has - to me it's like: the late Etta James mixed with clever lyrics and genius instruments. It gets me dancing around, twirling on my tippy tippy toes as I vacuum and
gets my boys wonderin' ~
what the heck is mom up to now?...
She also has a super fun website.

You can buy her songs on Amazon and Itunes which, if you are anything like me -
I'm puttin' (notice two t's) her on my Christmas List!

She's my kind of gal - the type who
loves her Grandpa,
watches Anne of Green Gables
Here is a youtube video, not perfect - but you will be able to hear her
angelic voice
for yourself.

So, just so ya know - I have a pretty reliable source in the "Jetty Rae Headquarters"
(shout out to Jason!)
and I am confident that I will have a cd to give away within the next few months.
Yay! Yay!
Hope y'all fall as hard as I have,
Jetty Rae.


trekerboy said...

I also really love this song she performed at Lilith Fair this year!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well she's just a cutie pie. What a gift she's got! Went to her site...had some technical difficulties. Glad you blogged on her and posted the video:)

Have a great weekend girl.

Chrysanthemama said... She is so yummy! My sister's and hubby would love her music. What a great stocking stuffer!

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