Monday, October 4, 2010

picnics, again friends, a new due and blueberry ketchup!

Fridays, we do picnics!
picnics on the lawn,
picnics at the park,
picnics in the living room watching Little Mermaid.
yummy food,
the purple picnic blanket,
and two little boys with their mama,
having a picnic,
fabulous memories.
this last Friday I took the boys to one of our favorite parks.
we picked up Wendy's

Pauly reminded us to pray... as usual.

he's a good boy.even I picked up myself a little treat (apple pecan salad - try it!) good gracious Pauly!

are ya starvin'?

so stinkin' cute!William likes chicken and french fries, too. & he likes riding the tractor. he wanted to be as cool as big brother, of course.

while we were playing - Pauly made friends with two brothers that were there.
they weren't quite sure what to think about Pauly.
he's friendly.
(that's totally an understatement)
i sure love Fall... don't you?
Saturday morning, i woke up early.
i did my hair and make-up
(I wanted to look okay - I hadn't seen this gal in 9 years!)
and went to meet up with an old friend.
we met at the most adorable coffee house -
it had fabulous pastries, yummy looking food,
awesome antiques and vintage signs every where - let's just say...
i will be going back.
i wish i would of took pictures
meeting up with this gal had me SOO nervous -
i couldn't even hardly sleep the night before.
i'm pretty sure it took me like a half our to pick out my outfit
and this is NOT my regular.
so i totally put like an hour and a half into getting all dolled up and i pull up to the coffee house and there she was that little stinker
in her WORKOUT clothes and looking
adorable as ever.
one word came to mind but I'll reserve saying it for those "virgin ears" out there *wink!
i was totally nervous for nothing!
we had a wonderful time catching up
and even though I felt kind of embarrassed,
as i have definitely gained a ton of weight since she saw me last
and we sort of parted ways under a little bit of a unfortunate circumstance -
there is no doubt about it - we had a wonderful time when we were friends "back in the day"
and i'm encouraged that we have the opportunity to take up where we left off.
isn't she cute?
i've so missed her.
next, i headed to go get my hair done -
(look at those shmeered bugs on my window!)
it had been almost a year...
i can't believe i just admitted to that...
and i'm over it!
OKAY! so this is the
BEFORE: and this is
AFTER: i really liked the way it turned out.
thank you, Harmony!
you're a genius, woman!
so, i'm sure you are wondering...
where the heck were her children
when she was gallivanting around having
coffee and getting her "hair did"?
well... Mr. Man of the House was totally watching the boys -
with flying colors I might add!
Ya -
there was NO drama whatsoever.
whatever dude!
i always have drama... what's that about Pauly and William?
you're little angels for daddy?
so because the hubster did stay home with the kiddos for me -
i had to take him home a treat.
have ya heard?
Boise, Idaho is the home of the most fabulous fries!
Boise Fry Company!!
they were on "America's Best" on Food Network -
did you see it?
you can go here and you can see for yourself!
One more reason why Boise rocks!!!!
GO Boise State!!
You get to order what type of potato you want, the cut, and then you get to sauce it up with their
famous salts and ketchups. They have a really cute little cafe and all the art is by local artists,
which is such a great way for them to help
out local artists - don't ya think? they invite people to write little comments on message boards.
comments about how they like what type of potato is their favorite and
how they like to season their fries! Very cool.
I brought home yam fries to the boys with vanilla salt & Blueberry ketchup!
(that's right!)
and their special fry sauce.
Now that you're drooling... :)
Have a wonderful Monday, Dolls!

P.S. Don't forget Wednesday -

I choose that

special someone


informal introduction...

it might be you and,

so don't be late!

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