Monday, January 31, 2011

~ it's all in a name ~

I was so sad last week.
I was trying to post to my blog
and all the sudden my little laptop...
died. It totally. kicked. the. bucket.

I was so bummed and day by day - I kept getting behind with my
Brave Girl's assignments - I had no idea what to do.

My sweet husband came home from work and said - let's go to Costco!
We went and we picked me (us) out a new laptop and
I lof her!

As you know, I love to name possessions.
I posted to Facebook I was trying to figure out a name for my new laptop...

I got SO Many good ideas - most of my possessions are female... I don't know why, they just are.

For example:

We have 3 chickens -
Audrey Hepburn (Black and White)
Elizabeth Taylor (Black and White)
& Maureen O'Hara (Rhode Island Red)

My pretty blue coffee cup named Birdy.

My washer and dryer - Kim and Trixie.

I thought and thought
and couldn't come up with something fun -

went to check my Facebook
and there were so many fun suggestions!

My friends love me!
I wanted it to be a cool name.

Something a bit smart.

maybe even genius.

yet cute and quirky!
And there it was ... the suggestion from one of my High School friends - Danica.
She suggested I name her Qwerty.

At first I was like so fun! then I thought - where in the world did she get that name?

So I asked her -

She reminded me it is the first six letters on the top row of the keyboard!
Genius, right?
One of the suggestions from a friend of mine was Scarlett.
Immediately when I heard that suggestion I remembered that I
had never named my sweet little cell phone (yet another gift from my sweet husband)

So also, please meet Scarlett.
I've had her for almost a year and lof her! She's so good to me.
So there you have it - me and my silly naming things again...

Got any cool names?


Annikke said...

Don't ask me why these came to me...



Harry Potter (get it... HP)


Leena (don't ask why.... it just popped into my head!)

Cherie Wilson said...

So glad you asked silly girl! What a cute idea~naming your precious goods! I especially love your chickens names. I haven't named anything in a long time. Think it's a perfect idea, thankyouvery much! Actually, there is a blog post I have been rolling around in my head...... about words. I do love made-up words.....always on the look out. Your posts are so fun and such joy Sami! It is good to meet you and check in on you sweet girl. Life is good:) XO

Jackie said...

How about Ester, after Ester the Queen.

love ya sis

Boy Crazy said...

The computer on Veggie Tales is QWERTY too!!! :)


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