Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Wiggle Room~

my new favorite.

 Her name is Birdy.

Every time I look at her I think of a pretty bird singing in the morning.

Singing her beautiful
very own.

Now, you might be laughing thinking what a crazy woman!
She names her coffee cups?


I name my coffee cups, washer and dryer (Kim & Trixie),
cars (Beulah the Buick & Baby Ruth the Ford Escort) -
 I take after my mother in that regard....
I always thought it was weird, but now - I love it.

I've started back on my healthy eating trail.

Man! I wanted panycakes this morning with the boys!
But I resisted and ate two soft-boiled eggs and sliced tomatoe...

and I was content.

I'm doing pretty good but I have to say it was super hard to get back in the hang of things.
I despise the headache I get at first when my body is SCREAMING! for carbs and sugar.

I have to make sure that I give myself some a little bit of space when I diet because if I hate it, I won't do it.
I know myself all too well.


So, I let myself have coffee in the mornings - WITH cream and sugar.
2 cups.... sometimes even 3 or 4 if I want it.

I don't overload on cream and sugar just a dab here and there.
Just by doing this makes me feel excited to wake up in the mornings,
excited to hold a pretty Birdy in my hand -
all warm and comfy filled with deliciousness.

Look, she's even pretty and comforting when she's empty...


Misty said...

i think thats the secret of success... moderation... it builds self control...

Annikke said...

I have tried so many diets over the years. The last thing I did was the portion control. Yes I had coffee with cream and sugar. I even ate my pasta, but instead of a HUGE helping of sketti and garlic bread, I would fill up on my salad first then eat a small portion of sketti and a small piece of bread. I lost 25 pounds. (confession: I gained 5 pounds back over the holidays and have been working to lose it again... I am confident I can do it, it just isn't falling off like I wish it would!)

nic said...

oh my, that birdy is a beauty. i would love to wake up to a cup of coffee (or three) filled up to her brim as well.

i'ma gonna start naming my household appliances as well--you're an insiration. :)

AshTreeCottage said...

I just hears about a diet called the Carb Lovers Diet. How wonderful is that?? Give those cute babies of yours a hug for me.

Susan and Bentley

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

She's a beaut!!

And I love that you name inanimate objects. Totally something I would do. In fact, I DO do it! ;)

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