Tuesday, January 18, 2011

*happiness in housework #1*


is the kind of organization

that makes my heart


I sent Pauly to go round-up
of our Daddy's ties.

He took his little Home Depot kids' toolbox
and load by load
 brought me all the ties, well he could find :)

He was so proud.

and SO adorable, I might add.

I moved around Ben's clothing and combined his underware and t-shirt drawer
by transferring his old grey t-shirts to the "rag stash" -
Thank you, Jesus those are gone.
and I established a drawer just for his ties.
I put in cardboard inserts to help keep things
organized and tidy.

It turned out perfect and oh so perty!
happiness in housework.

Now if only poor little William could of stayed awake to see the happy ending...

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