Monday, August 16, 2010

No Longer a SC Virgin.

This is what my man brought home for me on Friday.
I'm SO spoiled. But hey, my last cell phone lasted 3 years!
That's right... I said, THREE YEARS!!!
So, I deserved a new one!
& it's PINK!
Which is weird because I was just telling myself,
I think PINK should be my new, signature color.
Remember, that's from Steele Magnolias... come on now, keep up.
So! Date Night.
I got all gussied up. (Is that how you spell gussied?)
I even work LIPSTICK!
I don't wear lipstick unless it is
and it was.
It was our first date in 9 months.
Holy Cow, right?
The day of, I was so excited... until -
until William got his fever of 103.
One hundred and three, William?
Honestly - couldn't you of just waited till my date was over.
Just kidding, my heart was breaking -
(well... honestly it is not over so I'm still just plain worried about my little guy).
We decided we would go on our date anyway as his fever had dropped, he ate and was feeling a little better.
Plus, Granny is completely qualified to handle a teething baby.
For sure!
So off we went, all gussied up and all. My man in his nice white button-up.... Lord knows, I am a fan of button-ups! and my cute (smaller) self, in clothes I hadn't worn in TWO YEARS with my cute pink cell phone!
I felt so cute!
We went to a little Mexican Restaurant nearby Granny and Grandad's house.
Now, with my new diet I was a little worried about what I was going to eat but rest assured, I did my homework and called mama ahead of time and she lined me out!
I ordered Shrimp Cocktail.
I had never ordered it before, so when they brought me this - I was like... por que?
Ha Ha! Gotcha!
I don't speak Spanish.
It was more like me looking at Ben like a confused dog with my head tilted to the side -
I was very confused.
He told me some people use these things to "doctor" up their cocktail but don't' worry mama.
They brought out my shrimp cocktail and I literally fell in love.
Loved the glass, loved the colors - Loved it!
If it doesn't taste good - at least it looked good, I thought.
So I took a taste, dashed in a little s&p and some hot sauce and
I didn't miss any of the other stuff I couldn't have,
but, I did have 12 chips, just like you said I could mama.
I. Was completely content with my shrimp cocktail and 12 chips.
This is what The Man of the House ordered. Nummers, right?
Flank Steak with Stuffed Chile Relleno (stuffed with cheese).
I had a bite, it was pretty good.
We had a wonderful time, just us - visiting and laughing.
We had a great waitress which is always nice.
It was perfect -
and no longer am I a SC Virgin.
tee hee...

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