Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ insisting on being banana independent ~

The other day
William was
insisting that
he eat a banana

all by himself.


I was kinda surprised because this was really the first time that he was
super persistent that I didn't help him (well just a little help).

He wanted to hold it,
and sit on his stool,
and eat it all up,
all by himself!

Dapher was all for this idea as this gave her a better chance of getting a
lil bite!
He ate and ate
he ate the whole dern thing.

He loves bananas
and he is such a big kid!
See that belly?

 BIG Kid!


And also PURE Man!
He's always after the remotes.

he is learning a few things from Mama.
He loves to help and he takes things and puts them in the garbage.

So that's always nice.
Putting things in the garbage obviously includes things that don't belong in the garbage as well as getting things out of the garbage... you know, just for kicks.

oh yes,
VERY Helpful.

 He found Aunt Cici's hat downstairs that she left here when she was visiting last time...

Eat your heart out. 


lyssa said...

SOOO handsome! and that belly! mmmhmm, not many men can pull that off, but yes siree, he can! I love the one sock.

What is it with kids and their bananas? Mine have all loved them too, although they seem to grow out of them at about 5.

Gianni is BIG into the I DO IT MYSELF!!!! stage. This explains why he has a constant wedgie: putting on his boxers by himself. Sigh.

Sky Buffat said...

Oh my goodness I am reading and shaking my head! My youngest is about the same age- I think we were 10 weeks apart or so? Anyhow, remotes and garbage and a streak of independence- love, love, love little boys :) I sure enjoy your blog Sami! Just linked it on my own so hopefully I can keep in touch better :) Have a GREAT day!

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