Thursday, November 11, 2010

~ Please meet Kimberly & Trixie ~

"Ben! My washer has moved around the room again and there is water on the floor."
 Ben sighs, "Okay, I'll take a look at it... again."
Ben takes yet another trip to the hardware store a couple of blocks away and shows up back at home with yet another hopeful remedy to keep our washer level and keep it from leaking. It was doing this so often that I'd go into our laundry room and the washer would have turned almost a full circle.
Amazing, right?
SOOOOO Frustrating!

I finally asked Ben if he thought we should just go put a brand new one on our Home Depot credit card or maybe look for one on Craigslist - I was to the point of tears because the majority of our clothes had a gross mildewy smell and well... I was at the end of my rope.

So, I prayed.

I prayed for God to bring us an answer of what we should do... We didn't have the money to go buy a brand new one, as I said we'd have to put it on the credit card and make payments or buy a used one and HOPE we bought it from someone that wasn't in the business of ripping people off... I couldn't deal with it on my own. So I gave it to Him.

It's always easier that way.

A few months went by and my little washer (that could NOT) was actually doing pretty good. It had been a few weeks since it was walking around the room and there hadn't been any leaks. I had cleaned it with Clorox and so the smell was very minimal and so I thought WOW! He healed it! He healed my washer.

Praise God!

and I skipped along my merry way thanking him for his blessings and washed and folded till my hearts content. (notice I didn't say put them away because putting away laundry is NOT my strong point BUT I can wash and fold like nobody's business!)
Then -
ring .. ring...

M - Hello?
AL - Hello Sami Jo!
(it was Aunt Louise or AL as I call her when I'm texting and such)
M - Hey Aunt Louise! How are you?
AL - Well - we're pretty good... I called to tell you, I think we are going to be moving back to Boise...
(they had moved to Idaho Falls about a year ago for work and my Uncle Brad [or UB as I refer to him when texting or otherwise]) was now looking for employment and they figured why not be back where they prefer to live while they wait for employment)
It's a bitter-sweet move (AL continued) but we are just waiting for the Lord to guide us to where he wants us to be permanently.
M - Ahh, well I'm happy you'll be back here so we can see you more.
AL - We are going to live in Mr. and Mrs. M's home as you know they have moved to Switzerland.
M - right, that's awfully nice of them.
AL - yes, it will be nice - and I have a question for you.
(I always hate it when AL says this because... well you have to know AL but who knows what her "question" could be - she's a sharp one that gal and so I silently prepared myself for well... as I said, who knows what she had come up with...)
M - yeah?
AL - The Ms have left their washer and dryer in their house and I have my own I'll be bringing and I asked Mrs. M what I should do with her washer and dryer and she said to just donate or find a home for them... how's your doing?
While she said this a lump crawled up from my stomach to my throat and my eyes welled up in tears.
M - actually my washer is dieing. Oh my gosh? ... really?
AL - yeah! they are front loading and Mrs. M said just find a place for them so you are the first one I thought of.
Still to this day I get goose bumps and want to just sob thinking about it.
M - Oh my gosh... AL, that's so awesome.... really?
AL - Really. So - here's what I want you to do.
Oh great - here she goes again, what is she going to want me to do... I'm telling you this lady takes great pride in being unpredictable and those flashy light blue eyes will burn a hole through your heart... She should really be a salesman - because you can't say no to her... no one can.
M - okay?
AL - measure your stairs from the railing to the wall and ceiling to floor and measure the door to make sure we can get them in there. We will be there Saturday to drop them off.
M - okay, railing to ceiling  - floor to ...
AL - railing to wall and ceiling to floor and measure the doors
you who know AL know first-hand how this sounds...
M - k - let me write it down.
AL - and we'll be there on Saturday...
M - okay, got it. and thanks again - so much - tell Mrs. M. thank you. I'm so excited!
AL - okay - see you Saturday sweety...
M - Okay I'll get it measured and see you Sunday - 
M - Sorry, Saturday.
AL - All right, love you, bye.
M - love you, bye.

Please meet Kimberly and Trixie...

Kimberly is the Washer and Trixie is the Dryer - I'm a weird - o. I know. I name things like cars and washers - WHATEVER. I get it from my mother... she's a cuke - I love her.

Anyways, I love them so.
I actually sit in front of them and watch our clothes go around n 'round. I love how they have alarms on them and I can hear it upstairs. They are far more efficient and quiet and well... gorgeous.

Now if only my laundry room got the gorgeous memo...  I think it needs paint... what color - do you think?
So! As you read Mr. and Mrs M and family moved their sweet little selves to Switzerland... or somewhere foreign like that and I have no clue how to send them a Thank you and well AL is unpacking and she's quick but I thought... I know how I can thank them - Sami Jo style.


my dear sweet, thoughtful M Family!
You have blessed more than you know - you blessed us and we're paying forward the blessing by donating my perfectly fine dryer to someone in our church.

Our cups are running over here in Boise, Idaho.
Every. last. one. of. them. (even Daphnie's :)

We adore you all and miss you - as we know our Aunt, Uncle and cousin (and I think even Fancher) miss you oh so dearly and it tugs at our heart strings to see them miss you all so very much.

We're blessed to have met you and spend last New Year's with you and we will treasure that memory forever.

Peace be with you and God Bless you all.


Ben, Sami Jo, Paul and William ... & Dapher doo.

P.S. Wow! Just as I wrote that my dryer beeped... lol!
It's a God thing.


Annikke said...

God is good!

You are so cute to name things! How fun you are!

Brambleberry said...

I got all excited when you said you prayed for your washer. God totally delivers. (Once I prayed for a set, when we were living in an apartment with hook-ups but no appliances. Within half a year, we had three sets, and were able to bless others with the extras! Yay, God!)

Trixie and Kimberly are beautiful! :)

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