Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ I love your socks! ~

o this year I really wanted to
something super creative for
Advent. I looked on blogs,
Pinterest and Google for ideas
and a really fun idea I saw using


So I gathered up all those silly holiday socks that we don't wear too much,
and I went to the thrift store for the remaining. I gathered together 25 total.

I wrote down from 1 - 25 ideas for family activities, verses and gathered
a few fun candies for here and there...

I have to admit I didn't stuff them from day one
and I definitely should have because I tend to forget... in fact, I should just stuff the rest today
so we can finish up strong.


Raise your hand if your getting a bit overwhelmed...

[waving both hands in the air]

The types of things I stuff my socks with are little messages
that have a family activity which have included:

* Paint Christmas Pictures and hang them in the windows

* Family Game Night

* Decorate the House for Christmas as a family (including all of our bedrooms)
Kitchen Window

(that is not a chalk board fyi - I took poster board, painted it black, and drew on it with white crayon)

Sister's room!

Boys' Room!

I surprised sister one night when she got home from work with her whole bedroom decorated!
She loved it!

I put a touch of greenery in a vase so she can get a daily whiff or two of Christmas!

Her room is very shabby chic so I went with gold and vintage looking apples in there.

She got that giraffe from Africa -- she's spoiled rotten. baaaha!

Me and My Loverboy's bedroom.
 I adore blue and silver - these were all on my Christmas Tree last year actually

* Picnic on the floor for dinner

* Bake Cookies together

that is just a few ideas that we have done and then
every other day or so I add a verse to go along with the Christmas story
and also randomly add in a little candy for the kids.

All the kids take turns opening the socks - they really love it
and I love thinking up the ideas. We don't open them till after nap time because
we wanted to wait for sister to get home from school and all the activities are for the
whole family pretty much so we do them after dinner.

For tonight: We are taking a drive as a family to go see the Christmas Lights.

Wishing you a fabulous day
Don't forget to wrap a scarf around
your neck cuz Baby - it's cold outside!


melyssa said...

So very adorable! Remind me next year to do something like this too. :)

Jackie said...

Love your house Sami..
you do good work

to the moon


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