Friday, December 16, 2011

~ faith like a child ~

onstant Praise and Worship
singing, a laugh that will
warm a cold bitter heart in a
second, and a beautiful heart
for her precious Lord and Savior.

Those are just a few things that you get
wrapped up so neatly in one little sister package.

Now that we have a kid in the house that is in school...

WE got to go to a Christmas Program!

She actually had two Christmas programs -

One for church
and one for school.

We were able to make it to the one for her school...

and for that,
she was appointed to be
THE Angel.

Now granted there were about 50 "angels".

she was listed in the program as "THE Angel".

And my oh my what a beautiful angel she made.

We were so proud.

They sang about 10 songs and they were all precious.

It is a pleasure to watch Casi be a parent.

She is such a good mama.

She had Sis in a beautiful black and white Christmas dress,
her hair was perfectly twisted into a little
halo on the top of her head,
her ends were neatly trimmed and curled,
and her face was lightly glowing from a dab-or-two of
mama's body shimmer.

Her little legs were in warm black tights and she was wearing pretty little
patent leather black shoes...

she reminded me of the little fairies on Sleeping Beauty when they were flying
through the air and how they looked like little electrical outlets.

I was sure if Sis could
take flight she'd look exactly the same as those little fairies do.

When we were at her program, and the program had just barely began -
Sis couldn't see us.

She couldn't find us for a little over 5 minutes.

We were sitting pretty far in the back and as she made her way to "THE Angel" spot...
I watched as her little round face searched over the audience.

She looked left
to right.

Over and Over.

Looking for us.

The lights were bright on the stage and as many of you know,
that makes it even harder to see people in the audience.

But she was brave.

She was courageous.

had faith.

Now after a little while, she spotted us and she got
that huge beautiful grin on her face and was waving and singing
even louder than before
but I couldn't help in my heart to gush with pride as I watched baby girl
be so very brave in that frantic moment when she couldn't quite see us.  

It is almost daily that this little girl teaches or reminds me
about God's unconditional, never ending
faithfulness and love for me.

Already, at the age of 4 -
she has such a testimony to share.

God is always there - even when we can't see him.

We are his sweet little babes performing up on this stage of life.
We are all in our awkward, adorable, silly costumes,
and we all have distractions and lights blaring in our eyes
 and we are all frantically searching the audience
for just one glimpse of our Abba Father.

We need just a glimpse
to feel secure.

To feel confident enough to carry on another day.

In the mean time,
He is sitting so proudly but quietly,
just waiting for us to decide
not to focus on everything else and
to see Him.

If we can dodge the distractions and have the faith of a child,
 and never give up our pursuit
to see him - to feel his presence...

He WILL reveal himself to us
we will see Him more clearly.

Matthew 18:3 (NIV)
3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Distractions come in all shapes, sizes, and sounds.

We just have to be aware of their presence and abilities to fog our vision.

Well - today I'm off to pick up Christmas Cards.
... I can't wait to see how they turned out and
I imagine there will be plenty of distractions for me to ignore.

I can handle it. I'm ready. And as my Mama says,
"My gun is cocked and loaded."

Happy Friday, Dears.

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Mrs.Marie Lester said...

Hey Sami I'm Marie Lester, you just approved my request on your Brave Girls Club group not to long ago :) thought I'd check out your blog! This is such a sweet and touching post! Family is such a blessing!

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