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~ Q. and A. with Jetty Rae ~

omewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a Lullaby...

one of my all-time-favorite
childhood songs.
I've recently added this song into my nighttime repertoire
of songs I sing to my boys at bedtime.
What is one of your favorite childhood songs or lullabies?
This is the exact question I asked

As some of you might already know
(from my inability to halter my excitement on Facebook the last couple of days),
Jetty is releasing her first ever Children's Album

Jetty Rae
La La Lu and the Lazy Moon
is available today on iTunes and
for your downloading pleasure.

 I was so excited when I read she was working on this album
and I'm extremely jazzed to be able to feature her once again on
today to spread the news to
you all!

So now, without any further adieu,
here is how she answered this question
and a few others....

JR: I'm sure my favorite songs varied form age to age--I think it would have to be the "La La Lu" lullaby my mom would sing to me to soothe me.

SJ: What was your inspiration for creating this Children's Album?
JR: My inspiration for this album came from my little fans! I started noticing that the kids at my shows knew all the words to Gualamina--and my friends with kids told me that they would listen to my albums on repeat. I thought that maybe they were onto something. I've never thought about writing an album for kids before, but suddenly I had the means, equipment and inspiration to work on this little project at home. I think what you will hear with this album is that it's inspired by children--I really tried to remember my fondest memories as a child, and incorporate my own imaginings.

SJ: What did it mean for you to be able to co-produce this album as well as record it yourself in your studio at home?
JR: I initially started this project by myself, then the very talented Joseph Barker (from Bella Ruse) told me that he would love to work on some stuff with me--I sent him the first song "Lazy Moon," heard what he did, and from that point on it was a co-production! I was really overcoming a lot of insecurity, fear and expectation recording this at home by myself--because with past albums I've always hired producers, audio engineers, and studio players...I've never done it on my own. I procrastinated a lot--re-recorded Imagine 3 times, and learned a lot! It was a very stretching process, but really rewarding and fun as well!

SJ: Do you have a favorite track off the album?
JR: I would have to say Lazy Moon, and 1,000 Buttons are my favorites. I like the musicality and playfulness of Lazy Moon--as well as all the harmonies I layered. I like the lyrics in 1,000 Buttons, they are so simple but they incorporate some of my favorite things, like owls and buttons!

SJ: May I just say the artwork on the album is ADORABLE! How did you come upon the artist?
JR: The album artwork is almost my favorite thing about the whole project! Kevin White is an amazingly talented, and versatile artist! He actually was working with Jason my husband, and Jason being the good husband and manager that he is gave Kevin a CD. Kevin volunteered his time and talents--and made my songs come to life in the most adorable way!

SJ: If you could thank one person in your life for always being your most consistent, biggest encourager - who would that be?
JR: I would have to say that person would be my husband! He is always encouraging me, inspiring me, and rooting me on--especially when I am having a pity party. He believes in me more than I do haha.

SJ: What's next for Jetty Rae?
JR: Well I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon! I am in talks right now with some upcoming projects--more music, more touring. I will be touring colleges in the fall, and I am looking forward to those! I'm not sure if I'll be coming to Idaho soon, but I will definitely keep you posted. I post all my shows on my website, as well as my facebook fanpage under "events" if you want to follow me!


Lucky me - I got a sneak peak of the new album...
and as soon as I could, I gathered all my chillens around me to 
see what they thought...

They adored it.

As they listened they would get little grins on their faces
when they heard the witty lyrics and the merry melodies

They loved the
song and they ...(okay WE) are singing it even now - a few days later.

This album is more than just a children's album to me ~ it's good clean music that,
in my opinion, is hard to find.

It encourages you and your children
to daydream,
to soar through the air,
to jump in puddles and enjoy rainy days,
and to do anything and everything you can 
to remind someone
you love them so very much. 

Congratulations to Jetty Rae
and thank you, Jetty,
 for creating such a
beautiful gift for all of us "children" big and small.
La La Lu and the Lazy Moon!

All of Jetty Rae's music is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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