Thursday, June 30, 2011

~ we are pedalers ~

ne of the things on my
Excited About 2011 List
was buy bikes and trailers
so the family can go
on bike rides. DONE.

This was our first bike ride as a whole family. It rocked.

We went on a nearby bike path that takes you by the river.
It. Was. Heavenly.

 Here is my sister Casi and her girl, Sweet Pea -
being SUCH a good girl,
I might add.

It was complete torture to have to ride behind this studd muffin.
Look at those calf muscles. Rawr.....

We stopped at a park that is ride along the river and sat on the grass for a spell.

The kids pretended they were climbing a tree and
the adults caught their breathe for the ride home.

 ... and Pauly had wrestling ideas in mind with his daddy.

... and William had other plans.


Krista said...

Go you! I am impressed!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

good job guys, do you pretend I am there sometimes
i wish I was! well just pretend I am riding along with you with one of my ponies leading my babies.

Jackie said...

Great Fun Great memories...
love ya to the moon

Jackie said...

Why doesn't uncle Ben have to wear a dorky helmet? huh?

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