Monday, January 3, 2011

Excited about 2011!

I'm SO excited about this year!
Can you feel the fresh newness of it!?
So exciting!
I'm not one for resolutions - They stress me out!
 I think they're restricting and cause us to dread the New Year rather than be totally jazzed about it!
Most of you know that this last year I made a list of things that I wanted to work on... it was helpful to me to remember things that were important to me but this year...

I've made a list of all things positive!

1. Newness -
I'm excited about a fresh, blank, new calendar year that is full of potential to grow,
change, enjoy my family and Do. Do. Do. & don't hold back!

2. Brave Girls Online Seminar -
So excited!! 
I was blessed with a special delivery a week ago... more on this to come!

3. Bikes for the whole family -
We were blessed with mostly gift card and money gifts for Christmas as our plan this spring is to purchase all new gear for us to ride bikes till our hearts content.

4. Traveling to North Dakota -
We will be going to North Dakota (weather permitting) in late March for our nieces 16th birthday and to see Ben's family. I'm REALLY excited!

5. Possibility of family moving to our town -
I don't want to "jump the gun" on this one but there is some possibilities that within the next year we could have more family living in our town! What a blessing that would be.

6. Not just chasing dreams but CAPTURING THEM! -

7. Continuing on the healthy life trail -

8. More transformations in our lovely abode -
 Painting, Backyard Reno, and thrifty make-overs!
I'm excited!

9. Organizing and a Fabulous Yard Sale -
I've got little boy clothes coming out my ears and tons of other odds and ends. A Yard Sale could do wonders for my anxiety that we my turn into Hoarders. Have you seen those shows?

10. Possible additions to our family (baby, pet, friends)
... no I'm not pregnant.

11. More wonderful memories made -

12. Time with my Boys! Boys! Boys! ... and Dapher Doo! :)

So. Very. Blessed.


Jackie said...

I really like that post. A awesome postive beginning. Stick with it. I will cheer you on, and you can cheer for me....
thanks for the help on the blog and everything you do for me.
I love you to the moon

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I love your list! Resolutions makes me nervous, too.

Farmgirl Paints said...

First off you have beautiful handwriting:) I love your hopes and dreams for this year. That Brave Girl course will be fabulous. I personally know those girls and they ooze with joy and creativity. You will enjoy it so much and be a different person when it's all over. I'm sure of it:) And as for the special delivery, that is so awesome! Isn't she something else!! Have a great day girlie.

5minutemom said...

I love your handwriting! It's exquisite.
Btw, your profile picture is really nice!

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