Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Goin' in 2010

I hate the word resolution... just makes me uncomfortable. So I decided to write down 10 things for 2010 (fitting don't cha think?) on things I want to change and do better. Here goes...
1) Establish a good routine - our morning/daily routine varies. Other than nap time we don't really have a routine. We wake up, get dressed when we feel like it, make beds (sometimes or never) and just bump around (if we aren't going any where) I just want to establish a better routine including getting to bed at same time (earlier - crossing my fingers), exercise time slot, cleaning schedules and so on.

2) Cook more and better for family - We are huge fans of eating out and we always say we'll do it only twice a month but it always changes to more. I know this will help with our overall health and weight problems. I do a great job at making menus, shopping (w/ hubby's help) and I love to cook for the most part and Ben totally helps me! But getting to the cooking part when I really don't feel like it - is totally something I struggle with.

3) Kiss my husband good morning and goodnight every day even when I think he stinks.... or I stink.

4) Start a Mother's Group at church - I've talked about this before and with the New Year here my Mother's Group needs to get going. I have a lot of ideas and will have more updates later about the fun things we'll be doing!

5) Potty Train Pauly - I know he is going to do awesome!

6) Volunteer and be more involved at church -I used to do some things at church BUT since I had #2 boy those things have been put on hold but I need to get going again and also I know I can do more so I'll work at this!

7) Make an effort to do something romantic and fun with husband once a week - The weeks come and go with same old thing. We need to jazz it up, maybe it is surprise him at work with a picnic basket or maybe it is surprise him at home with a fun date planned for just the two of us. Effort is the key word here!

8) Organize the house - A whole year, I should be able to make some huge strides in the right direction.

9) Paint kitchen and Living room - this is not only a balancing struggle - I mean, how do you paint and manage a 2 year old and a tiny baby? and it is a money struggle. But again a year! We should be able to come up with something shiny!

10) Establish a recycling and compost system - Reuse! Reuse! Reuse! Love it!

Well when 2011 comes we'll look back and see how this year went as far as these goals and ideas to make life better! yay!


Jackie said...

Good to have goals, I love making the lists too.

Krista said...

Those are great goals. i know you can do it! I look forward to hearing how it is going.


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