Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Hobby Lobby Day!

So... I'm always reading about this fabulous store with fabulous deals called Hobby Lobby... It is referenced EVERYWHERE in blogland!!! EVERY Blog I go to I SWEAR (okay I don't swear) but honestly! What is this place and why don't we have one here! Well guess what - I went here and we are supposed to get one here NEXT MONTH! Lucky us! Now I'll get to find out what all the love for Hobby Lobby is all about :) I can't wait! I have so many fun ideas for 2010 for house decor, crafts, etc. I'm jazzed!


Krista said...

Don't worry, Haven't heard of it either.

Phillips Family said...

OH.... SAMI, you are going to love this store. We have them all over the valley. They are huge and full of EVERYTHING you can think of, when it comes to crafts....You will think you are in heaven (well craft heaven)...LOL... let me know what you think when you get one!


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