Thursday, July 7, 2011

date night.

My husband and I went out
on one of the most perfect
dates I have ever been on
in my whole life.

My sissy suggested that we go and she volunteered to
watch our boys.

I was giddy like a little high school girl the afternoon before our date.

I got all my make-up out.

 I plucked.

These things needed some taming.

Sweet Pea let me barrow her adorable headband.

We both got all cleaned up and ready to go!

We decided it would be fun to go out on our bikes
and see where the road took us.

We ended up riding the greenbelt to downtown and
parked at one of our favorite spots to visit
friends and family.

The Basque Center.

If you haven't been to the Basque Block in Boise well...
shame on you.

 After some ice water for me and a little cocktail for my hubby
we went on to the Matador.

The Matador is a newer restaurant downtown.

I would describe it as Spanish Bistro.
It is a Tequila Bar ...

and it just happens to have amazing decor,
outstanding food,

and very interesting bathroom faucets!

Next we headed back to our bikes and came
across the sweetest old Golden I have
ever met.

Isn't he precious?

 I adore downtown.

We got back to our bikes and ...

 we rode,

and rode,

and laughed,

and were dorks,

and I fell.... again.

 We ended up riding a pretty far ways and ended up seeing deer
by the golf course!

 It was gorgeous out.
A perfect evening for a date with my lover boy.

I love this bridge.

Before home, we went and picked up a movie at a redbox.

True Grit... the new one.

I liked it okay, but I was hoping for a bit more.

Isn't she gorgeous?

So wish I had those braids!!!

Date Night with my love.

I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thanks Sis <3


Jackie said...

That was awesome, I am glad you do that from time to time, it is very important!
I wondered why we didn't talk much yesterday.
Love mom

Krista said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

What words..

Boy Crazy said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!! I like the idea of riding bikes on your date! So sweet! You two are just adorable.

gio said...



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