Tuesday, January 8, 2013

sweet sweet 16

hankful today. Thankful for little
kicks inside my belly. Thankful for
my nice warm house. Thankful for
mega sweet boys that give great hugs
and precious kisses and they don't hold
back. Thankful for evenings with my...

...husband where we sit and visit ...
and dream about this little one.

Thankful for 16.
WEEK 16 that is.
Little baby baby bundle has now reached the "avocado"-size of this precious adventure.
 I still can't quite believe I'm already
I'm getting more and more excited and more and more thankful that I get to
experience this beautiful joy

We went to yet another doctor's appointment today.
We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again and it is going strong!
So thankful.

These last two pictures, I totally took in my doctor's restroom because I didn't want to forget to take some cute pics of my fun outfit I was wearing. My hair-ja-bob was from Casi's wedding!
Isn't it cute?

Yeahhhhh... I'm a goob.

No shame though.

My boys are getting so funny about the baby coming. Doing things like getting out an extra table-setting when it's dinner time and such.

It's so precious. I just adore their thoughtful, little hearts.

Pauly has come up with some doozy names. For a boy, he told us a while back he liked Pringus (if you are slowly tipping your head to the left or right - then you feel our pain) and then for a girl, he told us last night, that he likes Brella.

You read that right - Brella.

Now you can join me in the never ending singing in your brain of Umbrella by Rihanna.
Brella, Brella..... ugh.

That's all that keeps going through my head since he told us that he likes that name.

Thank you, Pauly!!

William is still adamant that it is a boy and yesterday at lunch he said he was full and that he was going to save the rest of his lunch for the baby. lol!!!!

Yeah... whatever can get you away from having to eat the rest of your lunch there big kid.

So yes,

16 weeks.

My next doctor's appointment is the first part of February and that is when we find
out if the nursery shall stay baby blue


if it shall get a whole new shade of girl <3 p="p">


Jackie said...

I love this post...
love you

Josh, Lundyn, Quincy and Brylee Stuart said...

I love your beautiful blog, Sami! You are darling and I am so happy for your new bundle of joy! That little avacado is a lucky baby!


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