Tuesday, January 22, 2013

get caught up

he days got away from
me and I looked back at
the last time I blogged
and that was like TWO
weeks ago!

The last two weeks have been good. Baby is still growing away.
We still don't know what we are having. We are all getting a little anxious I think.
The other day William told me that having the baby sure makes him tired.
I couldn't help but burst out laughing!
I decided I would just do a fun little post on what we've been up to around here the last couple of weeks...

William discovered that if I won't give him a band-aid -
stickers do the same thing and his heart is happy and it makes his ouchies feel better too!

Here I am proudly displaying Pauly's artwork so he could take a picture of it. He is a really great drawer - he makes amazing little people and he has been working so hard on his letters lately so that he will be ready for school next fall.

And here is a picture he colored recently - he is getting so good at it!!!

Here the boys are attempting to help Daphnie smile for the camera!

Pauly taking more pictures by himself.

He does a pretty great job!

About a week ago we made cookies!! The boys love to help in the kitchen!


They were really good!

We usually make a weekly trip to the Library for story time and to get some new books.
The boys are so good during story time. 
We have gone through many a training to sit nicely with their hands together, keep quiet and listen to the librarian.

It's pretty fun to watch them as they try their best to be good.

One of the new flick the boys have been watching lately is PussNBoots.

This is William dressing up like PussNBoots. He told us his underwear is his belt.

He came out dressed like this when Aunt Jojo was here and we all laughed till we were rollin'
on the floor!!
Such a character!

Then he challenged Aunt Jojo to the dance-off, like on the movie. You should of
seen them doing the 'Litter box' back and forth at each other.

The kids got in a lot of fun play time. They played hide and go seek and at one point we realized that Birch had been hiding for about a half hour in the vacuum closet - behind the vacuum!
 Casi Jean, Jodi Dawn, Sami Jo

I love these girls so much.

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Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Thank you for making our time there special. Loves and hugs Aunt JoJo


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