Monday, October 24, 2011

~ outage ~

few weeks back, our power
went out for about two or
three hours. We had already
had dinner and I had just got
done making rice crispy treats.

The timing of the power outage worked out perfectly.

It was still daylight out so we all got our shoes on and took some cookies
to the newer neighbors across the street and then when we got home and after the kids played for about an hour, the sun had went all the way
down and the house was pretty dark.

One of the best things about the power going out is
lighting candles and doing things by candle light only.
LOVE it.

When we were little girls, mom would round up the candles and we would get them all lit up and then we would play games, visit or sing.

As it got dark the kids pretty much had to stay in the same room as the candles
and then I remembered that our lab top probably had some battery left in it from being charged up before the power went out - so I set the kids up with 'Finding Nemo'.

One of my all time favorites.

The kids were so excited to watch a movie on the laptop as if it is more special -
more fun or something.

I  can remember thinking that way when I was little, can't you?
 (the pic above was with no flash and the one below was with the flash - crazy huh!)

All three of their faces in this picture cracks me up  - especially Sweet Pea's. Lol!
 Casi serenaded me on the guitar - she is getting so good at the guitar!
So proud of her!
Isn't it weird that we can enjoy this kind of thing every night but far too often,
we get caught up in what's on the tele, and we send our kids to go play with their toys in another room
or set them up with a cartoony away from us when really we know the good memories and precious family time is just a light-switch away.

Why do we wait for the power to go out to spend this type of quality time together?
Ben has a sister that once a month - they have "Amish night".
They turn out all the lights
and play games by candle light.
Good idea, huh!?

I think it is time our family adopts some type of tradition similar to "Amish Night".

What kind of fun things do you and your family do during a power outage?
or just to be together?

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Phillips Family said...

I have not visited your Blog in such a long time, but heck I have worked on my own blog in over a year. I just started it back up now that things are starting to calm down. I love the pictures, and the candles and Amish night idea very good idea!


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