Thursday, October 27, 2011

~ izzy takes flight ~

zzy is playing dress-up already!
These are some of Sis' butterfly
wings that I put on Izzy. She
loves them and prances around
just knowing that she is simply

Isn't it amazing how animals can be such a blessing to our hearts.

What a precious gift God gave to us in animals.

Izzy keeps things hopping around the house. She chases the kids, she barks to alert me when anyone is opening the back door which is both helpful and a tid bit annoying... but mostly helpful.

She is a full-blown garbage hound and has pushed me to rig-up an altered trash can that will fit underneath my sink just so she can't get into it... this was actually something Daphnie had a
hard time with also - so the new garbage situation, as Martha Stewart would say, is a "Good Thing".

She is also a huge fan of any type of small stuffed animal/toy of sorts...
She loves their tails - if you know what I mean. I currently have a stack of about 6 stuffed toys
that Pauly-boy is pretty sure I need to get busy on asap and give them all new tails...

Yeah... ... I'll have to figure out just how to tackle that one.

Izzy is a huge cuddle-girl and loves to curl up for a good nap about twice to three times a day.
As I type this she is napping by my feet... BUT
as soon as the boys wake up she'll be on the go and waiting for any crust
of bread she can get from underneath the table since William
has figured out a new trick on how to clean his plate so good. Lol!

I go to scold him and she just looks at me like - Get over it lady!
He feeds me,
he loves me and I love him. So get over it!

I just had to through these last two pics in the mix of this Izzy post.

This one of her peeking over the backseat is so precious.
We were headed to eastern Idaho to go see my mom and dad and she sat up there all
the way there (4 hours each way) and all the way back without ever jumping over the seat onto Pauly.

Very. Good girl.

Daphnie and Izzy get along as if they've always been together.

Truly - Soul Sisters.

They both have amazing stories of both being saved - as Izzy was found by her previous owner at
a pound in - Arkansas - I think it was...
she had mites in her ears, she tugged at their hearts and let's be honest - how could she not?

... And Daphnie was my 21st birthday present. My mom and dad gave her to me -
I can remember the day my mom brought her to me. She had a huge red ribbon around her
neck and I.
Fell hard in love with her from the first second I saw her.
I had just moved into
a new apartment. I was alone and having a hard time living by myself.
She was and has been such a joyful addition to my life...

they both are.

"Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths, lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding, you mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds."
Psalm 148:7-10

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