Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~ duds ~

t cracks me up how when
kids just aren't tired they'll
fight you and fight you
during nap time but when
they're tired... well they're


Yesterday was a terribly rough day,
the kids were at each other's throats.

Finally at about 7:30p we just separated them and the boys watched Cars upstairs and
Sweet Pea watched a princess movie of sorts downstairs.

It's is such a blessing to see them playing nice together today. Don't get me wrong -
there has been tears already today but it's just a better day over-all.

I layed down this little rascal and gave him a book to look at while
I went downstairs to start some laundry and he fell asleep.
 I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Often, I'll take a nap when the kids do but since he was already asleep -
I snapped some pictures and snuck out of the room so I
could have some Mama Time.... so I'm blogging/facebooking/and emailing my mama and sis,
working on my menu and grocery list as well as listening to
Praise and Worship music. 

I'm so much more effective of a mama if I can have a moment to breathe.
If not - I'm. a. dud.

Speaking of duds...

our 5 little eggs that our mama hen was trying to hatch out were all duds.
Insert sad face here.

There is a way that you can check eggs to see if there is a baby growing in them -
it involves it being dark in the room you are in or just do it during nighttime like we did,
then you hold a flashlight up to the egg and if it is bad you'll see a dark ring around the bottom and no baby chick inside. 
If it is good - you'll see a baby chick moving around or at least veins in the egg.

We were so bummed out but maybe we'll get some more and I'll keep y'all posted.

Wouldn't that of been amazing to see the baby inside!!!?
It is amazing to me,
how through just about everything through my day -
the Lord speaks to me...

It's funny yesterday, my husband was getting frustrated with me - I forgot to water the lawn and I was supposed to go and take these eggs from the mama chicken and get her movin' out of the chicken house and maybe block it off so she wouldn't be able to go lay in her spot anymore...
this would get her out of this wanting to be in "mama mode"
and that would get her to start laying eggs again...
anyhow, I had forgot and he was teasing me -
telling me I was "On strike" which he knows, I just forgot and that's okay
- he was just teasing me and we were teasing each other back and forth...

But still it made me remember about not being a dud -
the words that first came to mind were:

Rise Up!!
God is the only one who can bring real joyful LIFE to this body.
Only He can put that yearning in your heart, soul and mind to LIVE!
He is the only reason for Living - all else will undoubtedly fall short...

Ezekiel 37:5

This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones:
I will make breath enter you,
you will come to life.

Happy Living!

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Boy Crazy said...

Adorable pics!!!!!!

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