Monday, July 18, 2011

~ casework ~

ne of my major struggles when
I'm "zhushing" around in my
home, is arranging my lovelies
on shelves, bookcases and such.

I'm a huge fan of simple.

I detest too many knick knack patty whacks -
they're just not my thing -
but I DO
adore a bookcase chalked full of books
and if they are organized in some form or fashion....
ooooooh la la!
I love it!

I'm pretty sure that I've only arranged one shelf,
in my whole life,
that totally makes my heart skip-a-beat.

It's SO tough!

I've got a hankering to rearrange my living room but just the idea of having
to redo shelves, pictures and such makes me nervous.

I decided to take it to Google recently
and this is what I came up with...

And also in my Googling :)
I found this - you should go check it out for more ideas on
arranging shelves and such.

Have a fabulous week darlings!

P.S.  The picture of the sandwich from the Summer Post was a Green Chile Pork Panini with Peach Sauce that my husband made....
and the book I was reading was Ida B. Adored it.

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Krista said...

So cute! I love the pics!

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