Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ beckoning for a banquette ~

've been entertaining with
the idea that my little sweet
house would adore a gathering
space much like the ones I've
collected below. As many of

you know, our little house is...

 and there is no mystery that a banquette would save space
create space.

I could add some space under the benches for cookbooks,
baskets of linens for dressing up my table,
or maybe even pretty mixing bowls.

Note to self:
Hang a map of the United States on the wall -
it looks amazing and is WAY cool all at the same time!

k - sorry for that little interuption...

...  I DO have to say I adore my dining set that I have but,
I can't resist thinking how lovely it could be to have such a cozy space
like these...

and I really could combine some of my existing chairs and
maybe even my table...
table bench breakfast nook via southernliving Banquette Bonanza & Free Virtual Design!

And pardon me as I drool all over those painted wood floors.


I think also having a drop light fixture would add
a bit of playfulness and
I adore this round lampshade.
domino mag banquette via thelaurelhedge blogspot Banquette Bonanza & Free Virtual Design!

I'm quite sure but I think I've already posted this picture before but I can't get over
how similar it is to our space that I'm thinking of for a banquette
as our space is also surrounded my windows
just like this one.

Oooooh. That old-fashioned fisherman's light fixture is calling my name.

...wonder if I could buy one of those off Ebay for ooober cheap.


Now all I have to do is figure out who can build me one of these beautiful banquettes...

Maybe my ol' Pa?!

I mean - he did build my mom a whole house! Lol!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Better get your name on his list before his next semester of school starts in September!!!!

love ya

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