Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ summer-to-remember ~

have to say, this is the
first summer in a long
time that I am actually
enjoying. Granted we
are having a very mild

summer but, I've noticed that even on the super hot days
I'm cool with it. (ha ha pun intended)

This summer,
so far,
has been full of fun and happy memories have been created.

A summer-to-remember
should include:

~ delicious new recipes

~ reading through a lovely happy novel with your feet up

~ chubby babe legs

oh so chubby.

~ riding in the car with boys...

without your seat belt...
(It was only 3 blocks in a subdivision at about 5 mph)

~ enjoying summer days with your belly out

~ sitting in the sun with a sweet boy

~ taking a nap after a long swim covered in daddy's t-shirt.

~ breathing in that sweet smell of Granny linens

~ photographing a little one napping

~ laying on the cool grass with your Granny

~ bird watching with your Granny

~ wearing your favorite boots with shorts

~ hugs. lots and lots of hugs

~ waiting patiently for five little ones to hatch


Chrysanthemama said...

What is that sandwich and sauce? Yum! What book are you reading? I miss chunky thighs SO bad! It looks like you are having a fabulous summer. Just think of all the memories those boys are creating with their grandpa and grandma. Love it!

nic said...

what a gorgeous summer, sj. and those legs! oh, the yumminess.

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