Friday, February 11, 2011

~ these chicken chasin' days ~

When I was a little
girl, my mama had
Rhode Island Reds.
We helped feed and

water them, collect the eggs and wrangle them.

We raised them from chicks and I remember when
they were in a box in our kitchen under the heat lamp.

So cute and cuddly.

We had all hens and one rooster for a long time.

We also would butcher and eat them.

But mostly what I remember about those dern chickens...

was the evil Nemesis Rooster! He was SO mean.

We would carry a stick and mom said for us just to whack him if we needed to.


Just thinking about that mean thing, scares me.

Thankfully, we have 3 chickens that are pure pets.
Just hens, no rooster. 

 They come running to great us.
They really like Ben who tends to do most all of their care.
They love him.
I love watching them trail around behind him.
It's adorable.
We are able to pet them quite frequently.
The boys just adore them. 
 Already, Pauly will run out scraps to the chickens.
Of course, they really like that!
 He can wrangle them when it's time to close them up for the night.
 He isn't quite old enough to be trustworthy with the eggs
but soon enough he'll be able to
collect the eggs.

I remember that being one of my most favorite chores.
 Ben was pretty sure that this picture was pretty creepy... I think I agree.

 So tell me, did you have chickens?
Or did you have to take care of any chickens when you were little?

How about any rooster confrontations?


Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Just call me mother hen

<3 po

AshTreeCottage said...

Such an adorable post. Happy Valentine's Day and give those sweet babies big hugs from me!!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Boy Crazy said...

So cute! I never thought of having chickens as a fun thing (being the city girl I am), but I see it with new eyes now. Maybe I should get some chickens. But you'll have to give me chicken-caring-for-lessons.

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