Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~ I'm a little late but... would you be my Valentine? ~

Valentine's Day.
How was yours?
My V-Day turned out
better than expected...

but we'll get to that later...

First, pictures of my "Sweet Pea".

Over the weekend my sister and her daughter came to visit.
It blessed my heart to have these girls come and stay with us.

Lately, they've been coming to visit about once a month.


I'm SO loving it!
They were all dolled up and were headed to the zoo,
so I had to take some pictures
of all their adorableness.
 Sweet Pea reminds me so much of her mama when she was little.
From her long blond hair,
to her squirrelly little personality.

She's total girl from her pom pom flower headband...
to her bright pink Mary Janes...
and she has recently announced a new found love for "purple mermaids" and
has requested a "purple mermaid birthday cake".

Good Luck, Case.
These girls reside in a special place in my heart.
I am 
proud of both of them.
They're strong.
 They're a team.
& they love Jesus with all their hearts

I can't wait till they come visit again....

Now, my Valentine's Day.

My Valentine's Day consisted of a husband that had a bad case of the stomach flu and

two very grumpy, exhausted little boys - thus the reasons I'm a little

late with my Valentine's post...

But, as always, I was able to find the beauty in the day.

I spent the day nursing my husband back to health,

gazing at my beautiful flowers that Seat Pea and Casi brought me,
 watching What Not to Wear
(hmmm... I wonder if you can voluntarily recommend yourself for that show),

we had an awesome nap time,

a medium dinner consisting of sandwiches and chips,

early bedtimes for two little rascals,

promptly followed by the fabulous chic flick -
Letters to Juliet,
to which I highly recommend.

My Valentine's Day, 
unfortunately, not spent with my actual Valentine as we decided it would be best if he stay in
our bedroom "in quarantine" the entire time-
turned out pretty fabulous...

with flowers,

a chic flick,

lots of bear hugs from my boys

and even a certain sister gave me some earrings.

I got a Daily Bread in the mail from
my mama


lots of other candy goodies from
Mimi and Papa & Amuma and Papa
 that my boys gladly shared with me.


What more could this girl ask for?

Now tell me, how was yours?


AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Sami Jo! Your sister and your niece are both adorable. Your pics are just fabulous by the way!! I hope that your family is well and healthy soon. We have had the flu around our house too.

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Cherie Wilson said...

Such sweet pictures!! Our simple Valentines was spent sort of like a normal night, but me, youngest girl and hubby all celebrated just the same. It wasn't what we did but how we held each others hearts! Thanks for asking~ You actually made me realize this. I think you will also giggle at this....we had chicken fried steaks and gravy and green beans. Food speaks love, I tell you!! Sending some your way too girlfriend! XO

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