Wednesday, February 9, 2011

** That'll be a $1.04, please.**

Pauly boy got a
wallet for
Christmas, this is
him putting his wallet

to work.

This all started back when one day at Winco he asked me
if he could push the buttons on the
Debit Card machine.

I of course said no - because I think it is for adults and I'm grumpy that way.

I told him he could push the buttons when he had his own money...
then out loud he said, "I've got to get me some  money!"

I told him, "Join the club!"

vvvvvvv   < this was William. William. was. here.

So, Dad and I did end up getting him a little blue wallet for Christmas and we put four quarters in it.  He scrounged up a few coins here and there and ended up wanting to take his wallet on the grocery trip to Winco to see if he could buy something fun!

He kept having to show off his wallet that was tucked into his back pocket, just like a man would carry it.
He kept looking back into his pocket to make sure it was there. It was really cute.

After much looking for the perfect treasure, he found a little car he decided he wanted to buy - you know, one of those hot wheels cars. 
He held it and looked at it the entire time while I finished up my shopping.
Then when we got up to the cashier - he put it up on the counter and got out his wallet  - he stood in line like such a big boy... made me want to cry. He even visited with the man in front of him and told him what he was buying and asked him about his items which was a little awkward but the man was kind and understood he was just a little feller. Paul was just trying to make conversation and be a big boy - it was adorable.
Randomly, he told the guy that his dad was at work today. He tends to very clearly understand the roles in our house as daddy goes to work and is happy and thankful to do so - so a lot of Pauly's pretending is him getting dressed to go to work. Ben does a good job of always being cheerful and happy he gets to go to work. It's pretty awesome to watch.

Anyhow, he got out his money and with my help paid the lady and got his first purchase ever,
this little hot wheels car. 

I was so proud of myself for juggling groceries, two boys, taking pictures of a first-timer purchaser, helping him pay for his car, sacking my own groceries. Let's just say, Winco is a make or break type of place for mamas. You either end up pulling out your hair and bawling when you're done there or you end up walking out with your kids happy and you feel like you could conquer the world for juggling it all - kids and sacking your own groceries. 

 All in all, Pauly boy made an excellent choice for his first purchase.
Don't you think?


Brian and Jodi Brown said...

So sweet! You are such a good mom sis.

Sky Buffat said...

So precious! Love your commentary about WinCo- oh so true!

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