Monday, February 7, 2011

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I've been waiting to share
this with you for a couple of
weeks now. It is regarding
my dad and a topic that is

so dear to my heart.
I received a call from my dad about a month and a half ago.

It doesn't usually work out that my dad is calling me. Usually I sneak in a good chat with him when I'm calling the house and he answers, we chat and then he hands the phone off to Casi or Mama.

It just doesn't usually work out this way that he is calling me -
So I couldn't help but think first off: What's up?...

then he said those dreaded words, "I've got something important to tell you."

My second thought: Who died, now?...

Come on, Man! You're going to tell me something important and you have to prep me by telling me you have something important to tell me? Both my parents do this -& it drives us nuts! I always think somebody died or something terrible TERRIBLE happened. My stomach jumps up into my throat and I get all sweaty and sticky...
but really? how else are they supposed to say it? How do you tell somebody you have something important to tell them without throwing them into a panic attack?
Well thankfully, no one had died.

My dad went on to remind me about an old friend he has, Clay Baird.

I remembered him. I think I could probably point him out to you but I never really had a real conversation with the guy as an adult and I couldn't tell you specifics about him or what he likes or what kind of a life he's had but I know him and my dad are good friends and through the years, have been keeping tabs on each other.

My mom recently reminded me that Clay's grandfather, Jake Baird, and my dad's grandfather, Charlie Fancher, were really good friends. So when the old men were together so were their grandsons (my dad and Clay). That is how Clay and my dad really got to know each other and how they became good friends.

Clay had called my dad to tell him that he had just accepted the Lord as his savior and there was something more he told my dad...
that he was dieing.

Back to our conversation - Dad shared with me that Clay was dieing.from Hepatitis C - he had got this from a blood transfusion that he had to get when he got hurt really badly when riding bulls when he was younger.

His liver is failing. His body is slowly getting poisoned from his liver not working correctly.

then Dad said it...

"I'm going to give Clay a piece of my liver."

..................... I started to cry..................

and then I said, "Are you sure?"

"Are you sure everything will be okay, Dad?"

...... tears, questions, prayers followed......

Dad went on to explain this huge process of how him and mom would have to go to California to get a ton of tests done and get tested to see if their blood were matches and see if their tissues matched and on and on.

So then I decided it was far to early to freak out & really when does freaking out help anyway?

But, I definitely had my doubts and concerns -
 Not that I didn't want this to actually happen & Not that I didn't want this amazing gift to be given -
I just knew it was time to pray, to think about what all this gift means
and what this could mean for our family
and for Clay's.

Clay will die without this transplant... it's inevitable.

I started getting this huge swarm of questions...
What kind of struggles we would go through as a family? What kind of strengths we would draw from this?
Is this safe? Will my dad be okay to live a normal life after this? Will my mom be okay with whatever happens?

So many questions...

Planning and prepping - Thinking and Praying - it was time for such things.

My sisters and I went through all the questions and possible outcomes - we prayed and cried together.
 I believe all of this has given us a good basis for being prepped for this journey.

Obviously, being prepared brings peace for any journey, especially the life-changing ones.

So off mom and dad went to California - they stayed for a few days and dad got lots of testing done...
come home and a few weeks later dad gets the call...

he is the best possible match.

Okay! Now things are getting serious.
More praying, more tears and more planning.

So as of now, mom and dad have to go back to California to see if dad is a tissue match at the end of this month.

If all goes well the surgery will be April 4th...

the day of my parents 31st Wedding Anniversary.

That's right, on my mom and dad's 31st Wedding Anniversary my dad will be getting surgery to give the greatest gift a man can ever give.

I would appreciate all the prayers you can give my family during this time, and I will do my best to update you on details.
My heart swells with pride for my Dad. I adore his selflessness. I adore that he has no shame for God and be it in his school work (oh, yes - in all of this he just started going back to school to get his college degree), his real pay-the bills-work, at church, home, in the ropin' arena, at Wal-mart or up on the mountain top - he is not afraid to sit right down with you and share God's love with you. He's just awesome like that.
 Just thinking about my adoration for my Mama brings me to tears. I watch her cast away lies told by The Destroyer and as she takes hands with God.
Trusting him to unfold the plans for them in this precious journey. 
Trusting God to prep her heart for whatever outcome and undoubtedly she will always give Him the Glory
for all of the precious gifts we are receiving from this journey. She's an awesome example of a wife after God's own heart.

So many gifts...
The gift of life.
The gift of unity for our family and a renewed love for God's mercy, love and grace.

I am thanking God and praising Him for the gift of reflection for myself.
& so many more...

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

I shall think upon such gifts and keep my eyes forward and my nose buried.
This is the only way.

*My mama writes a blog here and please feel free to follow there also for updates.


Cherie Wilson said...

Beautiful post in Jesus name girlfriend! Now I see where you get it...........You go girl! Will pray for your family and God's will to shine forth ahead of all the questions. Sending Pure Love! XOXO

Misty said...

i've been wondering, but knowing it was a sensitive topic- hadn't said anything... Will be praying!

rienna said...

I was so touched when I read this he h
Is a reattach person with a heart of gold I am so thankfully to know you and your family I will pray for you him and yall every day please keep me updated

nic said...

what a beautiful man. i will be praying!

Jane said...

What an unselfish thing to do. Amazing.

Sky Buffat said...

What a great story and opportunity... best wishes to your Dad and your family, Sami Jo! Your faith is amazing...

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