Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ tis the season ~

Sunday night I finally got an opportunity to decorate for Christmas a little.
My husband brought me home a gorgeous tree after work on Friday and there it sat...
till Sunday when I finally felt like I had the decorations I wanted and I had a hour to myself to decorate till my hearts content.

 My week and weekend was pretty busy as I was trying to recover from our trip to Washington with laundry and trying to get back in the groove during the week
my weekend - I was blessed to have both of my sisters here this weekend.

I got to feed them and love them up - all of us together. It was sublime!
 It's amazing how much I enjoy playing hostess.

I love planning and shopping -
cooking and cleaning -
waiting for them to arrive -
meeting them at the door with hugs and kisses...
All of thee above!
 We enjoyed lots of laughs.
I got to squeeze on my niece and nephew some more
and they helped me with the tree -
which made me nervous and happy all at the same time. LOL!
 We all went to my Aunt Louise's and Uncle Brad's
for dinner one night.

Family and Aunt Louise's peach cobbler and garlic fried potatoes - Life. Was. Good!
 Pauly spent the weekend with his Granny so I/we could have a break and he could visit them as he hadn't seen them for a while- so having some quiet (er) time was awesome.
 This week I'm going to work on more Christmas decorations, gifts, and my Stocking Swap gift!
More information on that later...
 I hope you all have a very blessed week...
 and are able to soak in some of that good ole Holiday cheer!


Krista said...

I love the tree. You are so talented!

Annikke said...

That is gorgeous!

Ann said...

Beautiful tree! You did a great job!

sarah said...

wow it looks gorgeous!

love how the pom poms turned out...you were busy...

I have had on my list for the last few weeks to do some for my decorating in the bedroom...needless to say it looks like the bedroom won't be getting dressed up for christmas for a while lol!!!



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