Sunday, December 5, 2010

~ little slice of heaven ~

During our stay in Washington we were blessed to have had the opportunity to meet a very kind and generous family that I had been waiting weeks to meet!

But before I introduce you to the fabulous family... let me show you their home!

The home is about 105 years old - it was brought to it's current location in 1940. They had to cut it into two separate pieces and moved it on a horse-drawn sleigh during December.
The home was placed on a pre poured foundation - Amazing to think how they might of accomplished this.
The owner says there are no visible cracks in the foundation.
Previously belonging to her husband's father - the home is full of character and
is spilling over with love and history.

Now - for the tour...

This gorgeous vintage oven is what you see the moment you are welcomed in the door.

Her vision for warmth and charm is purposefully placed through her kitchen -
making you feel like she did it all

In the kitchen you'll find a quaint breakfast nook that is seated with old benches.
This cozy corner was already in the house when they moved in.

I day dreamed of the many families who might of sat tucked away in their comfort as they shared details about their day with each other. 
Her love for thrifty vintage finds was obvious as she gave me the tour through her charming home.
I had to take a picture of the salt and pepper shakers - aren't they sweet? ... or salty? - I mean... Ha!

I just loved her old sink.

The flowers she had placed on the window ledge were so happy -
I'm sure they make her smile on a daily basis.
The birds and the tea towels were begging to be photographed. They were so sweet.

And this is the guest bedroom... I fell in love with this chair.
This print of this little girl was her grandmother's.
So beautiful.
I really love the different textures and design of fabrics that she used in this room.

... and then there was the bead board.
Y'all know how I love bead board. It's just awesome in this room!
Then there was the ticking bedspread... so many treasures.
I could take a beautiful nap in this room - THAT'S for sure.
Next - the gorgeous bathroom!
There was one whole wall full of built-ins.
Talk about a girlly girl's dream!
I just loved the way she used this little three-tiered stand. Very clever.
Such a cute little stand chalked full of little treasures -
like this wire basket...
Leopard print can be found throughout her home and it's a fabulous unexpected surprise!

These little storage cubbies were just another awesome detail of the character in their home.

See - Polka Dots!

How'd she know I love them SO!?

This transom made my heart skip-a-beat.

Here -
is the sun room.

Can you tell what the light fixture is?
Yep! Grapes.
So fun.
The sun room was laced with white sheers that I'm sure filters in the sunlight so beautifully and makes this little room very desirable in the warmer months for reading, napping :) and sipping iced tea.

Unexpected treats were all through their home... for example this framed print seen here -
she picked it up at a thrift store,

This was her grandfather's school bell - She adores bells and there were others sprinkled vicariously through their home.
She had antique cowbells too!
Oh yeah - the girl's got style!

and little glimmers here and there to bring in the celebration of the holidays to come.
I just loved this pillow.

and this is her...

My new friend Carolyn.
I just loved this picture - can we be any more alike?  - we're both wearing black and ruffles.

She's just a kick and a fabulous hostess!

She's a delight to be around!
Carolyn and her family are neighbors to my sister in Washington and Jodi introduced us.

We live so far apart but through Facebook we have become friends and often bounce ideas off each other when it comes to lovin' up our homes.

She's super thrifty and well... she gets me.

It's important to have a friend like Carolyn - I hope you are as blessed as I am.

This is Carolyn and her husband Ed (left) and their son William (right) - they have an older son - Joey who had already left to return to college after the Thanksgiving holiday.

This family was a breath of fresh air.

Carolyn and Ed showered all of us with encouragement and compliments.

There was great conversation, wine and fudge - and all of this while we were shimmered by twinkle lights in a beautiful home.
What more could this girl ask for?

They were sweet to our babies and tended to their every need.
For Pauly, that was cup after cup of water - he. was. VERY. thirsty!

We all had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing them again.

Till then, dear friends ~
Thank you for the wonderful evening and peek into your
gorgeous home.
God Bless you all in your "little slice of heaven"!


Jane said...

What a comforting home and lovely friend! You are lucky!

Jackie said...

GREAT POST SAM, I knew you would love Carolyn's house. I did too.

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