Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the heck is a Tannenbaum?

Yeah - I totally just had to google this because I didn't know.

I was looking at and came upon this gorgeous Christmas scene and I fell.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Fresh Green & White
Fresh white flowers and greenery make a surprisingly wintry effect, minus the chill. White dove ornaments combine with amaryllis, carnations, and orchids on a Tannenbaum that's sprayed white.
and I was like... What the heck is a Tannenbaum? I've heard it in songs and such through the years but I don't know that I have ever really knew what it meant.
...and it means Christmas Tree! for those of you were as ignorant as I.
I've got to be better prepared for Christmas next year - this year I was fortunate enough to run into most of the silver decorations that are on my tree at my local Winco for a awesome buy but I want my tree to look more creative next year and maybe do something like a handmade Christmas... maybe a little polka dots, stripes, I don't know - something cool.
In addition to being better prepared with decorations, I'll do my shopping earlier like I usually do and get our Christmas Cards out right after Thanksgiving instead of waiting...
I'm usually pretty awesome at prepping for Christmas but this year with traveling for Thanksgiving and having 2 munchkins to run herd on I'm really struggling. Last year before William was born in November I had Christmas all done. I think this year I didn't have that deadline so I was just like - I'll worry about that tomorrow.
and then I said that the next day... and the next day....
and the next...
Yes, I'll do better next year!

Wait... Isn't this what everyone ALWAYS says?
Anyways, hope you are enjoying your .... Tannenbaum. (sense sarcasm?)

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