Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Christmas Tree ideas for the future ~

Happy Monday y'all!!!

I come from a long line of women who are thinking about what the "theme" of their Christmas Tree will be that year about June/July. I remember all the many themes that my Grandma and Mama did over the years. Always the most beautiful Christmas Trees and I adore thinking about them and how they planned out the ornaments - or made them - the days they slaved away making little walnut beds for little mice, the days and days it took to unbraid a rope wreath, then fluff it, then curl with a large barrel curling iron into perfect submissive circular spirals.

I don't hold a candle to the creativity that they held in their fingertips but I sure enjoy trying.

I've been really enjoying my Christmas Tree this year and it gets me thinking of ideas for future Christmas Trees. I've been thinking it would be so cute to do a Black and White Check Christmas Tree and I have some red apples that could also go on that tree. Then I found this tree skirt! Isn't it cute?

yeah - I thought it was REALLY cute too until I saw it was $318!!! What the?

Anyhow, then I did some more searching and found a pattern and directions to make this one...

I think I like this one better anyway and it won't cost me an arm and a leg!

Then the other idea I had for a future Christmas Tree was SUPER colorful!
& then I ran into this and how fun is this?
So cheerful!!!

I love the lime green and the pinks and purples.
All the different ornaments -
as well as the extra branches that are pinky/purple they've tucked in throughout the tree.
Love it!
Wouldn't this be such a fun Christmas Tree? This would really get those kiddos dreaming of

What ideas do you got?

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Annikke said...

One year I did a themed tree "Twas the Night Before Christmas".. I had little mice ornaments, candies, and my tree topper was Santa. It was adorable!

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