Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ always wear clean underware incase you get in a car accident ~

Sorry if I gave you a heart-attack. NO I wasn't in a car accident - I was just looking at funny t-shirts and ran into one that said this and thought it was hilarious.  I mean really? Who thinks this stuff up? My husband and I can spend hours looking at funny t-shirts and funny pins.

Another one we saw said, "Count your blessings, not your wrinkles".


"It's been lovely but I have to scream now".

These people, I tell ya! Hilarious. I can NEVER come up with something quick and witty.

Can you?

Not till after-the-fact...
and if I do come up with something
it always sounds BRILLIANT! in my head, but I'm so darned excited I can't get it out to save my life
and it just sounds like a big mumbo jumbo, leaving the other person thinking I'm a complete wreck!

... maybe I am.


Something I do to get some peace and quiet and regather myself is go grocery shopping
at night.

Sounds silly I know, but days and days will go by and I have either
A. Not left the house for days
B. Not been away from the kids for days
C. All of thee above.

This kills two birds with one stone.


I can get the kids to bed so the burden isn't entirely on the hubster, and that day I will have worked on my menu and list and have it all rarin' to go.

Get the kids to bed!

and I'm off!

Shhhhhhhh... don't tell my husband but my first stop is always Starbucks.

Grande Vanilla Chai Tea Latte, please. oh! with a slice of pumpkin loaf.
CUZ I'm ADDICTED! to myze pumpkin loaf!

Get to the 24 hour grocery superstore and sip my coffee and peruse through the make-up, and by the way - have you seen these?

**edited later - this is an eye lash curler! Insane, huh!?!
 What in the? I am totally putting one of these in my stocking this year.
Santa! Get on it!

and this?

Have you tasted this bite of heaven?
 I will not lie, this tastes like a type of cheese cake dessert!

Just ask my sister, the other week when she was here - I totally crunched up graham crackers put them in the bottom of a bowl cut up bananas put in a few scoops of this Honey Greek Yogurt and sprinkled the top with cinnamon.


You've got to try it!

Next I have to show off my loot! Now, this may seem quite ridiculous to some. Yes, I use total no-name brand stuff - I'm poor! My husband works for a nonprofit and I stay-at-home.

Poor as church mice!

and maybe you're the same... you go without and go without - then you find yourself a few months later using your kds' No Tears Johnson and Johnson soap and your husband's deodorant, old Old OLD lipsticks from years and years and YEARS ago - should be illegal to carry those things around that long!

but I totally went crazy and bought myself some treats.

Isn't it nuts when deodorant is a treat?

No worries, our cups are running over here in our little abode and I'll use my husband's deoderant any old day as long as my boys have blueberry pancakes during the week and warm jammies to sleep in at night.

 Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. -- Thomas L. Holdcroft


Boy Crazy said...

Thanks for taking me to the store with you! ;)

Misty said...

What in the world... what IS that Wet 'n'Wild thing? I sat, staring at that photo, forever...

And vanilla chai latte's are THE BEST! you've got to get yourself some trader joe's chai and making a milk latte out of it at home. $3 for the can... makes dozens of them and TO DIE FOR yumminess...

Sophie said...

I CRACKED UP, literally, (Olivia was like, "Mom, what are you laughing at, what is it, show me!" lol) When you mentioned using your husbands deodorant and kids johnson and johnson to clean yourself...I LIVE the same life lol. Man, thanks for the laugh :) glad Glad GLAD Im not the only mommy who sometimes smells like a kiddo/daddy!

Chrysanthemama said...

I do my (alone) shopping at night too. The other night I was in Walmart and for a second I thought I was still in ID! Ok, one of my favorite t-shirts so far is a brown one with a picture of a piece of wood on it. It reads "Lutheran Stud." I bought it for my brother. "Mini-van, Mega-fun" is a cute one too. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that yogurt. It looks delish! Ok, I've written a novel. Have a good one!


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