Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to do before we leave for Washington:

  1. Clean out fridge
  2. Laundry
  3. Clean car
  4. Get car serviced
  5. Clean boys' car seats and adjust them according to their growth
  6. Pick up chorizos and drinks
  7. arrange for someone to take care of the chickens while we are gone
  8. bake cookies and treats for drive (William's milk)
  9. pack family's clothes, bedding, futon mattress, cameras
  10. pack daphnie stake, lead, food, and bowls
  11. clean the house
  12. don't stress if it all doesn't get done...

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Taylor said...

Oh, car seats.
They are evil.
Have you ever had a child throw up in one?
Good times.

Chrysanthemama said...

Are you heading to WA for Thanksgiving? You are way ahead of me in the list making. We head to Missouri on Wed, eeek! Happy Thanksgiving, friend. I am thankful for you! Be safe. :)


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