Monday, November 15, 2010

~ Our Master Bedroom ~

Our Master Bedroom is getting closer but still needs work.

I need to figure out a window treatment for one more window in the room (that wrought iron scrolly is OUT and I was thinking just white and hugging the ceiling and long and flowy to draw the eye up - making the room seem a lot well as matching nightstands (maybe something like these antique nightstands Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage got from Mary at Urban Farmgirl), a bed skirt (which I was thinking of this one). I love the idea of utilizing painter drop-clothes - they have such a cool texture and look about them.

Then something on each side above the nightstands, maybe something like this. I figured I could recreate these using maybe dates that are significant to us: like when we met or the date of our marriage - These are tea labels but I really like the over-all design of the words and the numbers.

Obviously, the bedding is just something I threw together and honestly, my bedspread is a blanket my mama and my daddy (yes, my daddy totally helped) tied me for Christmas a couple years ago.

You know, when I'm rich and famous I'd go with this one.

I'm keeping the yellow paint for now, I think later I would love to put up something like this.
Don't ya think?

Any other ideas? Thrifty ideas?

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