Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what you can see from my front step

Last night I stepped outside onto the front step.
The cold nipped at my toes like shock to my heart.
I took a deep breath and once again, tried to see if I could make circles come out my mouth like my husband does when he smokes his pipe.
everyone knows it is impossible - everyone tried it -
every. single. year.
As I stood there on the step I noticed all the leaves crumpled on the front lawn, scattered about and just begging for us to rake them up into a pile and jump on in.
I could smell the wonderful stench of someones fireplace and I pictured them watching it and listening to it crackle as they sipped at their cup of hot chocolate.
I was jealous.
I looked a few blocks down and could see the orangey-red glare of tail lights, neon signs for the local bar/grill where the waitresses wear next to nothing and the sign for the tattoo shop on the corner.
I could hear the silly university lacrosse team who live next door and they were obviously having a good time... as they seem to do every night.
but most importantly,
my house was quiet.
babies in bed, husband snoring in the next room and the tv quietly chattering at him.
daphnie having a dream and doing that weird half bark thing she does when she's dreaming, the heater kicking on from... well... probably me having the door open too long.
but it was quiet.
and perfect.

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Annikke said...

That is awesome! Taking in our surroundings and enjoying all of it is so important!


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