Monday, October 18, 2010

update on gettin' goin' in 2010

about two months ago, i was kind of going through my list of things that i'm working on this year to be a better version of myself. i think this is the first year that i've actually set goals and worked at them all year.
here is my update:
establish a good routine -
so far this year we are definitely awake and going, for the majority, by 8am. I've made it my goal to get dressed by 9am (BOY! that makes me feel amazing - especially if make-up and a hair-due is involved!)i don't always make it but most days, i do. i've also set up a list of house chores, outings and special events - example: Mondays are Laundry Day, Wednesdays is Park Day and Fridays we get pancakes for breakfast and a picnic for lunch either at the park or watching a movie on the living room floor. some of things are developing in to traditions and we look forward to them.
cook more and better for my family -
i would say this year as a whole we have "ate-out" a lot less than years prior. this could be stemming from another baby and budget is... well... tighter. OR because we've discovered it's terribly bad for us. i've continued making menus and our food is very clean buying a very limited amount of prepackaged food (i still cheat a couple times a month with a package of mac-n- cheese :) & i've learned a lot this year about eating better and living to eat vs. eating to live. so far i've lost 40 lbs and i'm excited to get back on my diet tomorrow and keep going.
kiss my husband goodnight and good morning -
got to be honest, i did this for about the first 3 days (if that) and haven't even thought of it since... SHAME! but, that's what this list is for, right? to remind me and hey! this year isn't over yet - i can start doing it right now!
start a mamas' group at church -
i totally have done this - i started it right in january this year and i have been so blessed by the gals that come to visit and fellowship. so blessed.
potty train pauly -
i'm so glad that we waited to potty train pauly until he was ready. i would say that he started getting interested in it about july/august of this year, for about a month he would go potty and get a treat (m&m) - 1 for every time he went (of course he worked us into trying to get more but we usually stood strong) - then after that month he forgot about it, he goes potty all by himself, for the majority, and wears a diaper at night and big boy underwear all day. I'm not quite sure on how to start the night time potty training but i figure that the same as day time potty training... if i just be patient this will all come together as well.
if you have any suggestions on how to go about this, please let me know!
volunteer and be more involved at church -
i would say this is definitely another thing i want to work at and i wouldn't say i've been failing miserably or anything but there is definitely room for improvement. there are a lot of new and exciting things that have been put into place at our church and i need to sit down and remind myself, even the little things help out.
examples: our nursery is going to actually be more of a "class" vs. just play-time and we just got a new gal that has amazing new ideas to involve our little tikes and she's going to teach me! then - i'm still preparing communion every now and then & just this last Friday I put together a Ladies Movie Night that I hope to keep as an annual event (more pics and details to come tomorrow)
make a effort to do something romantic and fun with husband once a week-
eeeeek! again. i'm failing.
my poor husband! he's getting jipped on this, too. now. don't get me wrong - i take care of my man but as for things out of the ordinary and fun - i'm lucky if i'm remembering to shower at this point. i've done better at just being over-all available to my husband. i'm not a cuddly person -i'm not a lovey dovey kind of gal -
built that way,
but he is.
so. i've made efforts to cuddle with him more and
i think these little efforts here and there have made our marriage far more enjoyable.
organize the house -
it's not done but it hasn't gone ignored. i've got the laundry room and office to go.
wish my laundry room looked like this one :)
paint kitchen and living room -
this - would be a whole lot easier if i had two things... an idea of how to patch the hole in my wall that we have left from where we removed the gas stove & an idea of what color i want to paint....
picking out paint - not. quite. sure... i'm leaning towards - white!
establish a recycling and compost system -
this goal has been tip-toed around and attempted but definitely not perfected, unfortunately. :(
any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated as well. with the composting - my hubster has built us a little compost box - but all my scraps from the kitchen/house don't necessarily make it there, although i'm pretty good at getting kitchen scraps to the chickens, and in a way that's working towards the same goal. as for recycling, we do have a recycling barrel and i've just got to get with it in the household side of it - instead of tossing it right into the regular trash barrel I need a system to separate those recyclable items out - and it has to be easy and tidy!
so here it is.
i've done awesome at some stuff and need to keep working at others.
i'm excited i still have 2 months to work on these things.


Sami Jo said...

so maybe this is lame but I'm testing my comments ... I haven't had a single comment in - like. forever. booooo hoooo

Taylor said...

I love your list and I think I need to do something similar. I have a few areas that need some discipline!

As far as potty training at night-I just did it cold turkey and went to underwear right away. He may have had one accident but it was fine.

On the other hand, I have a friend whose 9 yr old boy still has to wear GoodNights or whatever because medically, his body just cannot wake him up for the bathroom.


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