Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ how to put on a ladies movie night ~

pick a good flick that will be inspirational to all...

construct a cute and "eye-catchy" invite and send out to all the ladies you want to come - be them from your church, or just your very best besty girls...


create a little inspirational card that will reflect the message from the movie you chose.


buy enough tissues - just in case your flick-of-choice is a tearjerker. 5.

encourage all the gals to bring lots of snacks and deliciousness galore to share.6.

have an awesome pastor & youth pastor team who can put your flick up on the wall via video projector.

pure fabulosity.


find an adorable red cart in the basement where you are watching the flick - have one of your best besties pose by it & put out little cards for all to write their names on to win... 8.

awesome door prizes that are stuffed with a bath puff, body wash and a sweet little book.

(it helps if you have a fabulous mother who helps with items 1-3 & 8... just sayin') 9.

don't forget the twinklies.


Misty said...

it looks awesome! Sad i missed it!

lyssa said...

We just watched this over the weekend with the whole household (yes, all eleventy-seven of us) and cried and cried and cried...good tears, but lots of em! I went to bed feeling completely hungover; tears give me such a headache! Great movie though!


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