Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so far...

So I wanted to share with you my progress on losing weight.
Ben took this picture when I first started eating better. It's amazing the difference - it has been about 3 weeks.
I've just been staying away from carbs - eating protein, veggies and fruit.
Trying to drink lots of water and liquids.
I'm fitting into smaller sizes and have more energy
and I feel GREAT!
My sister took this picture of me this weekend when she came to visit.
I've definitely got to be more strict and not sneak bites of mac n cheese here and there or french fries, drink more water and work out an exercises routine.
I get a ton of encouragement from my husband, mom & dad, and sisters!
They are amazing!
I'll do another pic in a month or so but,
so far ~ so good!


Chrysanthemama said...

Woo-hoo, you are looking great! I "earn" my calories by sneaking those extra bites here and there, too. I taste while I'm cooking, eat the meal, then taste some more while I'm doing the dishes. My husband is on the mid-shift, so after he leaves I eat and catch up on my hulu shows. I think the first step to weight-loss is identifying where the calories are coming from. I just realized this, so hopefully I can move onto the next step. Praying for you!

Mrs. B said...

Thats an amazing transformation in just a few short weeks. I just love grapefruit - but I tend to drink the juice, not as healthy. But looking at your plate? Makes me want to RUN to the market and get a bushel full of ripe, heavy grapefruit to snack on. Yum!

Jessica Fuller said...

This is my first time to stop by! And I just had to leave a comment to encourage you to keep up the good work! You look great and the progress is definitely obvious! Way to go!

Boy Crazy said...

Good job, lady!!!!

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