Thursday, August 26, 2010

evening repertoire

Every evening, after my boys are tucked away to bed,
I will escape to go get a nice shower -
I sleep so much better if I'm clean and smellin' good.
Then I'll snuggle into some nice soft pjs,
and go to the kitchen to cut up a fruit.
Sometimes it is an apple, sometimes an orange,
but often it is a
pink grapefruit.
On my diet it says to eat half of grapefruit at a time
- but I don't care!
I eat a whole one!
I'm a rebel like that.
I'll slice it and then cut those slices in half (they are way easier to eat that way).
Then, I like to then arrange it pretty on a plate.
I'm much more excited about eating my food if it is plated perfectly and arranged beautifully.
With this plate full of healthy goodness and my ice cold water bottle in hand...
I am
Next, all I have to do is talk the hubster into watching a little Grey's... *wink*
(which he usually does, at least one episode - he knows it makes me happy)

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What a fun read! I love your routine. And I love pink grapefruit!

Privet and Holly said...

Hey Lady!
Thank you for
popping by my
blog and for
leaving a note
about it in
this post! I
LOVE grapefruit
and also, THIS
idea of how to
cut it up. It
would be a nice,
healthy thing to
snack on for TV
versus some of
the stuff that
I like : ) I read
your last post
and just want to
say HOORAY for you!
Happy day!
xx Suzanne

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