Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Update!

This is your weekend update with me, The Lady of the House.
(pretend I'm sitting at a desk with a pencil behind my ear - you know, SNL style)
We started noticing that our little baby boy was starting to look
really scraggly!
So daddy went to work with the clippers

he took off the sides and a little off the top
and with brother's help...

our little monster was looking less like a big hairy monster
and more like a
well-groomed handsome monster.
We made piggie pancakes!
Bananas for eyes, a yogurt covered pretzel for their tail
and two gummy bears cut up for their noses.My sissy was here all weekend.
We organized,
chased kids,
watched Grey's,
her heart melted when she got winked at by a cute Army guy in Wal-mart -
I have to agree he was cute!,
ate terrible Mexican Food,
watched a terrible movie that made Casi cry :(,
we went to Farmer's Market,
spilt coffee on my white shirt,
got sun-burn,
then off to Basque Market for Chorizos and yummy cheese,
Casi! wrong polka-dot shirt,
went to lunch at Chili's,
Casi cleaned my coffee-stained shirt in the bathroom
while I killed flies and
fought off Girl Scouts that were trying to carry William off,
shopping - shopping and more shopping,
Dance Party of the century in my livingroom,
late nights,
tired mornings,
sad good-byes.

Thanks for coming to visit you two.
To the moon.


Annikke said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Good job on the haircut (to your hubby that is!)

Boy Crazy said...

That's how we do hair cuts too: line um up & shave um. :) Your boys are getting so big & SO CUTE!!!!

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