Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm in love with my Long Flowy White Curtains

Ta du! Here are the new curtains that are in our living room. Our living room is utilized as a dining area/play area/living room - things are pretty crowded and at times feel kind of claustrophobic. These bright and cheery curtains not only will block out heat but they add lots of light to the room.
I'm so tempted to paint every wall, baseboard, window seal - EVERYTHING White! I know what your thinking - WHITE? Is she crazy? White curtains? White walls - 2 boys and who knows if we'll have more? eeeeek! Kind of scary! Well the idea is that long flowy white curtains add light to a room - this room nEEEEEds light! and the white walls would do the same thing, especially if I carry it through the kitchen - the idea is that it would make it look like one large space, as it really is teeensy tiny!! Then I would use coastal lt. green, blue and yellows for decor and furniture.
My inspiration is from Jane Coslick and her design for wonderful beachy, charming cottages. If you go look at her designs, you'll understand more where I am coming from.
I love Jane and I also adore
Sarah's style at A Beach Cottage - who loves ALL WHITE Everything!
Layla's at The Lettered Cottage - who is the queen of neutrals and muted tones.
So somewhere in the middle is where I am. I don't have a lot of resources to decorate my home and that is probably why I am so excited about these new curtains as I rarely buy anything new for the house.
My furniture came from Craigslist, family and thrift stores. We did buy our dining table new but that was back when we were young and dumb and if I had that money now, well you know what I am thinking...
Ben and I decided it was a good idea to invest in some curtains for our living room. #1 because they should help with the heat this summer and #2 because they should help with the cold this winter - That's right! Our little house, built in the 40's doesn't have a/c and terrible windows. So until we can get those replaced and installed we are trying to work with what we have. As I'm sure you all do. Thankfully, this house did come with a really good set of blinds on the windows (although I did hate them at first, they are my bffs now).
Usually we would live our summers down in the basement - usually I'm pregnant - but not this year! This year we are NOT going to live in the basement, we are not buying an a/c either - we are just going to do a few things differently with our house to see if it makes things better. Because Man! It can get miserable here in Idaho during the summer sometimes!

Our temperatures sometimes get up to 110 degrees and sometimes maybe a little higher. So we cover the skylight that is in our room, we open up the attic and we are going to put a fan to help suck the heat up there so it can go out the attic fan, we bought the curtains for the living room, and I think we are going to buy a new window a/c and maybe a couple other fans.

Summertime is a perfect time for cold salads, gazpacho and otter pops.
Unless it is outside on the grill or the Dutch Oven.
So there is just a glimpse of our little home & our lovely, sunny new curtains!
I'll let you know what color I decide to paint later on...
my guess it will be in the fall......
If I can make up my mind by then!
Any suggestions?


Between You and Me said...

love the new panels...they look fabulous!!

Shelley in SC said...

Love (!!!) the white curtains and love the inspiration from the other blogs you linked to. I think it's going to be fabulous!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

They are beautiful! I'm am drapery/curtain poor in my house...that's one project I seem to never get around to. I love how yours look...so airy and soft...just beautiful!

Boy Crazy said...

LOVE the white! You ARE brave. :D


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