Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!

I try my best to think of different activities for Pauly to do other than let him watch a million movies a day. Painting is one of those activities. Friday, after nap time, we painted. I love to paint and Pauly shared his paint with me.
I'm trying to switch him over to a regular cup instead of having a sippy cup.
He is doing pretty good but definitely has his moments when he likes to play with his cup and put his food in it.

Granny and Grandad came over on Saturday. Granny helped me put up my new curtains and Grandad entertained William.
Pauly entertained himself.
Then he entertained us.
Then Daddy made a delicious breakfast, mushroom omelet and he used tarragon out of his garden - I hadn't really had tarragon before and it was really strong! So we decided he won't use as much next time :) (Don't you just love the garnish)
Ben totally did a ton of the cooking and gave me a beautiful break. It was super nice.
On Saturday, as we were trying to get the curtains ironed up and hung (I'll share pics tomorrow) it started snowing! It was amazing! Ben ran outside and had to cover his garden - I sure hope everything is okay.
Sunday was nice, we got up - went to church. William slept through the service and I got to listen to a message! Our message was celebrating the different cultures that we have and the possible different language that people heard might of heard about salvation in - In our little church we have so many different languages that people speak and it is a pretty small church - Latvian, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, ChucK (Micro nation language), Chinese, Samoan, Arabic - I think that was most of them... So everyone that spoke those languages came up to the front and read the same passage to give us an idea of what it might of been like when people heard the wonders of God in their own tongues. (Acts 2: 17-21) It was awesome!
We had a little finger food tasting after church (everyone was supposed to bring a finger food from a different culture) Since I am Basque (Spain) I cooked up Basque Chorizo and served it with Bread. Yeah... they didn't last long. If you haven't tried Basque Chorizo you should... just know you'll be tasting it all day after you eat it (very garlicky but oh. so. good!)
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I'll be back tomorrow with curtain pics! Toodles!


Shelley in SC said...

It's 10:00 p.m. and we just got home from the pool. I'm starving! Your mushroom omelet put me over the edge! I'm headed out to the kitchen to whip one up. Maybe, however, without the tarragon : )!

Taylor said...

Loved the painting pictures! I can't believe you got snow!


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